Adjectives, Crying Kings, Revelation and Thanksgiving.

September 14, 2010

I wish I could write all the witty posts that I have during the day in my head, but to be honest with you, by the time I get home I don’t have the energy to turn the computer on and type SO here is a boring synopsis of our last week.  I promise sometime in the near future I will return to regular blogging.  Thank you to all of you who faithfully follow even when we don’t faithfully write.  Here it goes:

Use 3 adjectives to describe how I’ve been feeling this week: This question was posed on Sunday at our 1st ever The Vineyard Church-Peoria meeting.  Here was my response: discouraged (with how life is going), emotional…I’ve been crying a lot lately, and optimistic (about what life could be like someday).

The crying:  Don’t worry as far as I can tell I’m not pregnant, but let me tell you I’ve had a lump in my throat and tear filled eyes a lot lately.  After attending the Illini game where Andrew and I enjoyed cheering the team to victory I found myself sobbing in the car (not because of our win).  You see as we were walking to the car we saw an elderly man walking to his car alone, he was probably in his eighties and couldn’t find his car.  He had a key-less entry and it appeared that he was pressing the panic button in hopes he would hear his car and find it.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, but couldn’t really help him seeing as I had less of a clue where his car was than he did.  So we continued to walk all the while I could feel sadness bubbling up inside of me.  The thought of him being all alone was more than I could shake and I cried most of the car ride.

On Friday I got an unexpected call from a friend who I had just been thinking about.  I was hoping we could find time to get together and it turns out her and her husband were having people over for a game night and wanted us to come.  She was SHOCKED when I told her we were actually available and we had a great time catching up, playing cards and staying up way too late.

KINGS:  If you have netflix put this series in your queue right now.  You will not regret it.  You will however be REALLY sad when the last episode plays because nothing is resolved.  Due to the cancellation of this show you will need to choose your own ending, or Andrew’s suggestion is to read the Bible story…I chose my own adventure on this one.

This week I started a Beth Moore Bible Study at church on Revelation and one of the “assignments” is to ask Jesus to reveal himself in some way everyday.  So each day I get up and ask just that.  Here is a little recap of how I’ve seen Him in my life this week. Thursday:  My favorite song played on the radio at just the right time. Friday: I got the call from my friend. Saturday: Spending the evening at a football game in BEAUTIFUL weather. Sunday:  Receiving words of wisdom from a fellow church planting team member that I really needed at that moment. Monday: Accomplishing SO much at both my jobs AND having a longer conversation than normal with my brother. Tuesday: An unexpected date with Andrew.  Some of you might be thinking… those aren’t Jesus, they are just good things that happened in your day, but I am choosing to believe that “every good and perfect gift is from above” and right now ANYTHING good that happens I believe is from God because frankly friends our life is pretty rough right now.

Andrew continues to apply for jobs as he is finishing up is PhD, it looks like his defense will be sometime in mid-October.  Please pray for us that we will have good news soon.

Things I am thankful for this week:

-Andrew and I have spent some time just having fun and not being so serious.

– My family:  they are doing their best to emotionally support us through this transition

– My job at Bella:  I’m having so much fun working there and it makes the 12 hour work days bearable.

– My girlfriends….ladies, not sure what I would do without you.

-Prayer:  I can FEEL the prayers from our family and friends and it really does make a difference, so THANK YOU!!

-You:  To all of you who made it to the end I am thankful that you care about us and want to stay updated on our life.  Thanks for reading.

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