Andrew’s new toy

July 3, 2010

Well, as some of you know, I love to read (Laura, not so much). So much so, I’ve often gotten into trouble with Laura by bringing up the fact that my dream house would include a 2-story library. You’ve seen them in the movies – walls filled floor to ceiling with books, and a ladder on wheels that spins around the room. Oh, and of course a secret passageway or two! It makes Laura gag just thinking about all the “clutter” that books allegedly bring.

So, for my birthday/graduation this year (ok, a little early on the graduation – that’s hopefully happening soon), Laura authorized me to go ahead and get myself a Kindle by Amazon. We did a little comparison shopping with the Barnes & Noble nook, but it just wasn’t quite what I wanted. Plus, I had $100 in Amazon gift certificates to spend on books! I have been downloading and reading like crazy! It has made my habit of reading multiple books at once a little worse – now I can flip from one book to another with a couple keystrokes. It drives me crazy to start a book without finishing another, yet I can’t help my ADD self.  I received it on Tuesday, and I’ve already finished one book and started three more! Meanwhile, my poor paperback “Atlas Shrugged” (which I’ve been reading since October thanks to its 1000+ page length) is hanging in there on the side table, about 80% read, until the Kindle novelty wears out!

Word to the wise: if you can’t think of a gift idea for me, Amazon sells gift certificates in many denominations!!

One Response to “Andrew’s new toy”

  1. Phil said

    AC you should of got a iPad!

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