Any Takers?

June 28, 2010

Starting July 1st I’m going to begin a fashion challenge and I would LOVE some of my fellow bloggers to take it on with me!  Some of you have maybe seen something like this before where you choose articles of clothing and wear only those things for a certain period of time.  You may have followed the Little Black Dress Experiment where some lady in Texas wore the same black dress for 30 days and had to come up with different ways to showcase it.  I found the 30 for 30 challenge on KENDI EVERYDAY.  If you haven’t checked her out and you like fashion she is a real treat!  So in an attempt to show myself that I do not need to buy any more clothes and with anticipation that there is a chance I will begin packing soon….no we don’t have any news yet, I am going to begin 31 for 31 and keep record of this little challenge on my fashion blog found HERE.

The Guidelines are simple:

-Choose 31 things: this includes shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, cardigans, etc.

-Mix and match articles of clothing using accessories to punch it up (these are limitless) i.e. belts, necklaces, earrings, etc.

-Take a picture a day and post it on your blog (or create a separate blog and post it there)

-Let me know your blog link so I can post it on my blog so other readers can follow along.

NOTE: For those of you who follow our family blog and could CARE LESS about fashion, don’t worry this is the only post I’ll do about this, everything else will be kept track of on my other blog:


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