Melts in Your Mouth, and in the Dryer

June 23, 2010

This morning I got up and threw in a load of laundry to fluff from the drying rack.  After 10 minutes I opened the door and lo and behold there is chocolate right inside the door of the dryer.  I looked through all the clothing and guess what, there was only one article of Andrew’s clothing in the wash and it was covered in chocolate.  Not a SINGLE piece of my clothing even had a trace of chocolate on it.  The hunt for the source of chocolate began.  I searched through pockets to find a wrapper and upon reaching into the pocket of my gray cardigan I discovered the corner of an M&M wrapper.  Yikes, it was totally my fault.  When I went with Jenna on the photo shoot to Chicago I had a pack on M&M’s in my pocket to keep the kiddo happy and there must have been one left in there.  Right now as I type I’m washing Andrews shirt that I doused in Shout, hopefully it will come out, but if not I’m sure we can get another one seeing as Polo clothing has been producing the same styles for the last 20 years!


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