June 22, 2010

Before the day comes where Andrew had a career and we are still in this grad-student living phase I wanted to record some of the things I consider splurges.  These are the things that I buy to treat myself and someday I want to be able to look back and see what I considered spoiled during our first years of marriage.

You will find most of these are beauty products:

Intuition Razor-These are just about the best invention ever, but the blades only last a few showers so they can be pretty pricey if you replace them every time the moisture bar disintegrates.

Very Sexy Hair Products by Victoria’s Secret:  I can’t get enough of this smell.  I always wait until they go on sale 3 items for $24, but even still I feel a little guilty buying the shampoo and conditioner knowing I could by Garnier Fructis products at a fraction of the price.

Look Ma New Hands by Bath and Body Works: This lotion has paraffin wax built in and it is absolutely DIVINE.  I carry it in my purse at all times and it keeps my hands softer than any other lotion.  It’s $12 for 2.5 ounces and that’s just a little pricey if you ask me.  The redeeming quality is you only need a very small bit to go along way.

Tuel skincare:  This almost borders on the line of necessity, but seeing as I lived a very long time without it I guess I’ll call it a luxury.  I love the smell, the way my skin looks when I use it and I like that it goes a long way!

McDonald’s Diet Coke:  Alright I know this is only $1.09, but if I bought the cans or bottles at the store I could save money on this.  I consider this such a splurge that most of the time I’ll use my clothes money to buy this.  Nothing compares drink wise to a fountain Diet Coke FROM McDONALDS!!!

Once a Week Dinner Out:  We go out to eat at least once a week.  I love to eat out with Andrew and this is something that I hope we can always do, but I’m reminding myself right here that it is not a necessity and it’s a splurge that we COULD live without if we ABSOLUTELY had to!

Cozy’s Custard Tornado:  I can buy 2,  1/2 gallons at Schnucks for the same price as buying one small sized tornado, but there is just something about the way they mix it that makes it SO GOOD.

So that’s it for now.  I may add to the list as my week goes on and I realize how crazy spoiled I am!

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