Getting Paid to Spend Money

June 11, 2010

Dave Ramsey would totally disapprove of the way we work our finances.  We use our capital one credit card for almost every single purchase we make.  We’ve always paid it off when it’s due so we’ve never paid interest.  Today we cashed in the points we have been saving for the last year and got a lot of great gift cards.  Last time I cashed in our points I just had it apply the rewards to our charges, but when I looked into gift cards I found we could get an extra $125 worth of stuff if we got the gift cards.  So Andrew got 10,000 points, I got 10,000 and then we split the rest on date night giftcards.  So here is what we got.

Andrew spent all his points in one place and got an Amazon giftcard

I of course had to spread mine out so I got Amazon, Target, Container Store and Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy

Together we chose Chili’s, TGIFridays, Panera and with our extra 1000 points left we got a small Amazon card to go towards our purchase of Quicken that we will be ordering soon to put us on a budget for the fall.

For us it’s a great deal because we purchase the things we need with our card and get rewards in the things we want.  Very Fun!  I can’t wait to get my cards in the mail and have myself a mini shopping spree!

FYI:  I know “someone” is paying for the gift cards, I.E. the places we swipe our cards, so anytime I shop local small business I do my very best to pay in cash.  So really the big corporations are the ones paying for my gift cards and I honestly don’t feel super bad about that!

One Response to “Getting Paid to Spend Money”

  1. Anne said

    Hey Laura-

    I love credit card points too, so don’t hear me say you shouldn’t use them. But, I also wanted to point out that more than other corporations paying for your points, it is more likely other consumers who are not responsible like you by paying their bill on time and their late fees, over the limit fees and interest payments are likely what are paying for your rewards.


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