Any Takers?

June 28, 2010

Starting July 1st I’m going to begin a fashion challenge and I would LOVE some of my fellow bloggers to take it on with me!  Some of you have maybe seen something like this before where you choose articles of clothing and wear only those things for a certain period of time.  You may have followed the Little Black Dress Experiment where some lady in Texas wore the same black dress for 30 days and had to come up with different ways to showcase it.  I found the 30 for 30 challenge on KENDI EVERYDAY.  If you haven’t checked her out and you like fashion she is a real treat!  So in an attempt to show myself that I do not need to buy any more clothes and with anticipation that there is a chance I will begin packing soon….no we don’t have any news yet, I am going to begin 31 for 31 and keep record of this little challenge on my fashion blog found HERE.

The Guidelines are simple:

-Choose 31 things: this includes shoes, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, cardigans, etc.

-Mix and match articles of clothing using accessories to punch it up (these are limitless) i.e. belts, necklaces, earrings, etc.

-Take a picture a day and post it on your blog (or create a separate blog and post it there)

-Let me know your blog link so I can post it on my blog so other readers can follow along.

NOTE: For those of you who follow our family blog and could CARE LESS about fashion, don’t worry this is the only post I’ll do about this, everything else will be kept track of on my other blog:


Blissful Weekend!

June 27, 2010

This weekend was unexpectedly wonderful.  Although I worked at Bella all day Saturday Andrew and I still got a lot of quality time this weekend.

Friday:  Andrew and I ate tacos at home and then went shopping for miscellaneous things.  Then I headed over to my friend Stephanie’s house for an old fashioned sleep over while her husband was away.  When I left her house Saturday morning I said, man I feel young again….as if I’m really old or something.  We stayed up till 2:00 AM and believe me I had to take a nap on Saturday.

Saturday:  When I got off work I took a nap and then I got up and made a Digiorno pizza…I know call me Julia Child.  We watched an episode of LOST while we ate and then decided to take a walk to Downtown.  We went to Cakes on Walnut and had a cupcake and a Diet Soda and enjoyed a nice chat.  Then we walked back home and began the end of the LOST series.  We stayed up until 2:00AM watching the last episode and it was a relief and total let down that it was over.

Sunday:  Slept in, ate an awesome blueberry thing that Andrew made then headed to church.  We had a meeting from 2-3 then we headed to Tuscola to eat some Candy at Flessors Candy Kitchen and have a “homemade” soda.  Then we went to the Outlet mall and got Andrew 2 awesome new Polo button downs.  I made out like a bandit at Old Navy buying a cardigan, sweatshirt and workout zippy for a grand total of $9.28.  We had dinner with my parents, played Rummicube and watched design star.  Now the Everwood music is playing in the background beckoning me to come watch so I’ll catch you on here tomorrow where I’ll post a little blogger challenge that I hope some of you will be up for during the month of July!


June 25, 2010

That is all I need to sell to reach my 60 day sales goal for Thirty-One.  I had a couple GREAT parties last week, and came just shy of my goal.  If you have been eying something in the catalog and been waiting for the perfect time to buy, now is the perfect time!   To order shoot me an e-mail at  Merchandise has been arriving within one week of order placement.  Here are some of my favorite Thirty- One Things.

A Must Have. I organized all my cleaning supplies in this and it is the perfect size. Would also make a great diaper bag, camera bag, pool bag or tote to organize just about anything!

Perfect for picnics, beach, cold movie theaters. Compact and portable, perfect for every season!

If you are going on a trip this summer you may find these items useful.

The Jewelry Roll has two pockets and two pouches.  It is also padded for extra jewelry protection.  This thermal flat/curling iron case should accomodate MOST sized irons.  It comes in 3 patterns.  This hanging bag is the perfect trip organizer bag.   Order and receive them in time for your summer vacation!

And if none of these things float your boat I’ll show you one of my favorite Thirty-One products, the personalized notes.  They come in many different style and have coordinating lined envelopes.  The Earl Grey style is perfect for the man in your life.  I always find that masculine cards are so hard to come by.  We got them this week and they are great.

High quality personalized cards come in MANY different styles.

So there you have it, let me know if I can help you choose a gift for someone or for yourself!  You can e-mail me at I would LOVE to help you place an order!  AND I would really appreciate your help in reaching my goal of selling $113 by JULY 11th.

This morning I got up and threw in a load of laundry to fluff from the drying rack.  After 10 minutes I opened the door and lo and behold there is chocolate right inside the door of the dryer.  I looked through all the clothing and guess what, there was only one article of Andrew’s clothing in the wash and it was covered in chocolate.  Not a SINGLE piece of my clothing even had a trace of chocolate on it.  The hunt for the source of chocolate began.  I searched through pockets to find a wrapper and upon reaching into the pocket of my gray cardigan I discovered the corner of an M&M wrapper.  Yikes, it was totally my fault.  When I went with Jenna on the photo shoot to Chicago I had a pack on M&M’s in my pocket to keep the kiddo happy and there must have been one left in there.  Right now as I type I’m washing Andrews shirt that I doused in Shout, hopefully it will come out, but if not I’m sure we can get another one seeing as Polo clothing has been producing the same styles for the last 20 years!


June 22, 2010

Before the day comes where Andrew had a career and we are still in this grad-student living phase I wanted to record some of the things I consider splurges.  These are the things that I buy to treat myself and someday I want to be able to look back and see what I considered spoiled during our first years of marriage.

You will find most of these are beauty products:

Intuition Razor-These are just about the best invention ever, but the blades only last a few showers so they can be pretty pricey if you replace them every time the moisture bar disintegrates.

Very Sexy Hair Products by Victoria’s Secret:  I can’t get enough of this smell.  I always wait until they go on sale 3 items for $24, but even still I feel a little guilty buying the shampoo and conditioner knowing I could by Garnier Fructis products at a fraction of the price.

Look Ma New Hands by Bath and Body Works: This lotion has paraffin wax built in and it is absolutely DIVINE.  I carry it in my purse at all times and it keeps my hands softer than any other lotion.  It’s $12 for 2.5 ounces and that’s just a little pricey if you ask me.  The redeeming quality is you only need a very small bit to go along way.

Tuel skincare:  This almost borders on the line of necessity, but seeing as I lived a very long time without it I guess I’ll call it a luxury.  I love the smell, the way my skin looks when I use it and I like that it goes a long way!

McDonald’s Diet Coke:  Alright I know this is only $1.09, but if I bought the cans or bottles at the store I could save money on this.  I consider this such a splurge that most of the time I’ll use my clothes money to buy this.  Nothing compares drink wise to a fountain Diet Coke FROM McDONALDS!!!

Once a Week Dinner Out:  We go out to eat at least once a week.  I love to eat out with Andrew and this is something that I hope we can always do, but I’m reminding myself right here that it is not a necessity and it’s a splurge that we COULD live without if we ABSOLUTELY had to!

Cozy’s Custard Tornado:  I can buy 2,  1/2 gallons at Schnucks for the same price as buying one small sized tornado, but there is just something about the way they mix it that makes it SO GOOD.

So that’s it for now.  I may add to the list as my week goes on and I realize how crazy spoiled I am!

That Time of the Month

June 19, 2010

Don’t worry men, this post is not about that!

I am a total extrovert, I love being around people and that is truly what energizes me.  About once a month I need to be alone, just a few hours of alone time.  Today was that day.  I could feel it building up all week and was hoping for some alone time this morning, instead Andrew and I went to brunch which was really nice.  Then we spent all afternoon together and after I went to church to do worship we met for dinner at Seven Saints.  Luckily it was Poker Night so Andrew went from dinner to Poker.  This meant I would have a whole evening to myself.  It was bliss.  I went to Target and piddled around.  Then I bought a Twix and ate it, so bad for you, but so good!  Then I came home and have watched 5 episodes of 30 ROCK while working on 31 orders and e-mails.  It has been SO nice, but now it’s almost 11 and I’m ready for Andrew to come home.  I’ve been alone for 3 hours and that’s enough for me, like I said I’m a total extrovert!

It would be called, “The Woes of Cooking.”  Tonight I was all excited about cooking homemade lasagna using homemade noodles from Monday.

First Mistake: Thinking I would be using the ingredients soon, I left the mozarella cheese laying by the stove.

Second Mistake: I used our HUGE pot to boil the water in because it has the pasta strainer built into it.

Third Mistake: I didn’t really have a plan.

So I started by browning the Turkey…that went fine.  Simultaneously I started boiling the water which I thought would be boiling within 10 minutes or so.  It took almost 45 minutes for the water to barely be boiling.  When I took the homemade noodles out of the refrigerator they were soggy, stuck together and just plain gross, so I pitched them and went with plan B, premade noodles.  I started smelling something burning and 10 minutes later figured out that my rubber spoon was much to close to the burner.  Maybe the fumes were the reason I lost ALL common sense while cooking today.  As the noodles are finally cooking I decide I’m going to start prepping the pan so I take a measuring cup and start slopping the sauce from the stove to the counter letting chunks run down my oven door.  In the meantime the water boiled over, causing the flame to burn out releasing toxic gases into the air!  I relight the burner and check the noodles.  They seem to be done so I whip the strainer out of the pot and pour a trail of scalding hot water from the stove to the sink… I’m lucky I didn’t burn myself.

I start layering the noodles in the pan and when it comes time to put the cheese in the layer I realize that while the package was sitting next to the oven the cheese was slowly melting and coating the inside of the package, for someone who struggles with sensory stuff, scraping the melted cheese off the sides of the package was almost more than I could handle.  I was SO relieved to finally put the pan of lasagna in the oven.  I kept thinking that either A.) This should be on video or B.) I wish someone was watching this so I could be laughing about all of this right now instead of  “cursing” under my breath.

It was quite possibly one of the ugliest meals I have ever made.  It tasted pretty good so that is the one positive from the whole thing.  My kitchen is still a disaster, but it will still be there tomorrow and I might then have the energy to clean it up.

Note to self:  If I ever become a Gazillionaire….remember to hire a chef!

Boring Post Ahead

June 15, 2010

So for the 3 of you that are still reading after that incredible title I want to warn you, this is one of those rambling life updates that I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve had TONS of great posts rolling around in my head, but it seems every time I think of them I’m in the car and that is an absolutely horrible place to blog so here’s what I can remember today.

Saturday:  On Saturday I (Laura) went to Chicago with Jenna.  I assisted Jenna as she did a photo shoot and let me tell you I was TIRED by the end of it.  I can’t even imagine how Jenna felt by the end.  My knee hurt so bad the next day I could barely walk without wincing.  I also had the opportunity to talk to some awesome parents about their adoption experience and get a lot of information that will be super valuable in the future. That day was an example of God putting just the right people in my path at the perfect time.

Sunday:  We had so much fun meeting new people at our church’s young adult lunch.  We then had a productive meeting and headed over to a friend’s house to play telephone pictionary.  We then continued the game fun at my parents playing Rook and Nerts.  Note to self I must purchase a Rook deck soon.

Monday:  Girls Night.  We have decided that girls night is going to become cooking night so we are going to try new dishes every week.  Last night we made homemade pasta with my kitchen-aid attachment.  It was a lot of fun, but way too much work to ever think I would make homemade for a regular weeknight dinner.  I think it was maybe the sauce that was sooo good and that I could make every once and a while.

Tonight:  I have my 31 launch party at my mom’s so I’m hoping to have a successful and fun open house.  If any of you would like to view the product and know where my parents live feel free to stop by between 5 -8 I’d love to see you there!

I’m hoping for a really thought provoking post to come out soon so you don’t all get super bored!  I’m bored myself after writing this post so I appreciate all of you who stuck it out!

Dave Ramsey would totally disapprove of the way we work our finances.  We use our capital one credit card for almost every single purchase we make.  We’ve always paid it off when it’s due so we’ve never paid interest.  Today we cashed in the points we have been saving for the last year and got a lot of great gift cards.  Last time I cashed in our points I just had it apply the rewards to our charges, but when I looked into gift cards I found we could get an extra $125 worth of stuff if we got the gift cards.  So Andrew got 10,000 points, I got 10,000 and then we split the rest on date night giftcards.  So here is what we got.

Andrew spent all his points in one place and got an Amazon giftcard

I of course had to spread mine out so I got Amazon, Target, Container Store and Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy

Together we chose Chili’s, TGIFridays, Panera and with our extra 1000 points left we got a small Amazon card to go towards our purchase of Quicken that we will be ordering soon to put us on a budget for the fall.

For us it’s a great deal because we purchase the things we need with our card and get rewards in the things we want.  Very Fun!  I can’t wait to get my cards in the mail and have myself a mini shopping spree!

FYI:  I know “someone” is paying for the gift cards, I.E. the places we swipe our cards, so anytime I shop local small business I do my very best to pay in cash.  So really the big corporations are the ones paying for my gift cards and I honestly don’t feel super bad about that!


June 9, 2010

Here are some pictures of the Wedding I did last weekend!  Jenna did a stellar job making what I created look good!  Enjoy!

Bride's Bouquet

Bridesmaid's bouquets

Groom's Boutonniere

More Boutonnieres

Jenna does incredible work.  She is doing more photography and has booked quite a few gigs capturing families.  Let me know if you want to book her and I’ll give you her contact info!