Then We Slept Under the Stars

May 25, 2010

In about 10 minutes we will be leaving to come home from Massachussetts.  It has been a wonderful trip filled with great family time.  Here is a rundown of our trip.

Friday: We made both of our flights…it was a close one, but we made it.  We got to dinner right on time and had dinner on Federal Hill in Providence, RI.  It was a great Italian restaurant and we had a good time.

Saturday: We got up EARLY and headed to Bryant University for Nick Campbell’s graduation from college.  It was my (Laura) first ever outdoor graduation and it was perfect weather.  The graduaton lasted over 3 hours and we were all ready to head home afterwards.  Saturday night we had one of the Campbell family traditions, Jay’s Flying Pizza.  This guy makes the pizza in his garage and it’s really good.  I got to ride with Scott to pick it up so I got the full effect.  Then we played Yahtzee and I won.  To top it all off we got to go to the GAP (Great American Pub) and hang out with Nick and his friend Drew.

Sunday: We had the graduation party.  We got to visit with family and friends all day, watched the boys play a game of pick up baseball and then hung out with friends afterwards.  Played another game of Yahtzee, this time Nick won with 2 yahtzees.  It was a great day and we stayed up way to late chatting as always.

Monday was an awesome day.  We went to Newport, RI and visited the Mansions.  If you are ever in Newport you GOTTA SEE THE BREAKERS!  It was the Cornelius Vanderbilt’s summer “cottage” located right on the ocean, named “The Breakers” because the waves crash and break on the property.  It was WAY cool.  We had lunch overlooking the Harbor and then walked around in the beautiful weather.  Some day Andrew and I will most likely vacation in Newport for a weekend while we are out here visiting family.  SO much to see, so little time.

Then each and every night Andrew and I fell asleep under the stars.  Alright so this is a little bit of a stretch; they were the plastic stars he stuck to his ceiling when he was 13, but a girl can dream right?

It was a wonderful trip and it’s sad to leave not knowing exactly when we will be back!  For sure Christmas/New Years time, but not sure if we’ll see them before that and that is a LONG time not to see family.  Away we go, if you think of it shoot up a prayer for a safe smooth trip home…I want to get home at a decent time and as always can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!

EDIT: We got home safely and about 15 minutes early!

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