If You Can’t Be With the One You Love

May 22, 2010

Love the one you’re with.  What a terrible song, seriously the message is kind of good basically work it out, but the way they phrase it is so cruel.  No this post isn’t about me attempting to love Andrew while wishing I was with someone else.  Rather this post is about my car.  The Train mobile.  I bought my Honda Accord my senior year of high school and it was paid off my freshman year of college.  So I have owned this car for a little over 6 years and have disliked it almost every day.  There are quite a few things wrong with it and I have poured lots of money into it.  I would really like to have a Land Rover.  I think they are one of the ugliest cars on the market and for some reason I really like that about them.  They say “luxury” while still being utility, which is appealing to me.

That won’t be happening anytime soon so, here is my solution:

I am going to start really taking care of my Honda.  Washing it often (Free at O’Brien), vacuuming the floors and seats regularly, dusting the dash, and the biggest goal of all…I am going to keep the clutter out of it.  I figure this will help me to feel like I have a nice “newish” car while I wait to have the car of my dreams.  Friends, hold me to it, next time you ask if I can drive and I have to de-clutter my backseat before you get in, I give you permission to call me out on it.


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