Part Time

May 2, 2010

I love part time jobs.  I cannot express to you how much I love them.  I hope that I never have to work a full time job, ever.  Don’t hear me say that I don’t want to ever work 40 hours a week, rather I would prefer to have several jobs adding up to 40 hours a week instead of just one.  I realize this means I will never have benefits and I will probably never really have a career.  I’ll never climb the corporate ladder, but seriously people have you met me?  Currently I work about 4 jobs: painting company, church, wedding flowers and Bella.  I work anywhere between 40 and 55 hours a week and I am totally loving it!  I like to be busy…I’d prefer to be slightly less busy than I am currently, but I know if I had too much free time I’d be bored out of my mind.

Speaking of part time jobs, the painting company I am working for is looking for someone to help out about 10 hours per week in the office.  I may have someone lined up for this job, but if you are interested let me know and if it doesn’t work out with the person I’m talking to I’d love to get you more information, oh and did I mention you would be working with ME, so you know you’d love it!

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