May 29, 2010

That’s how I feel right now.  The biggest bummer about that is I have no reason to feel like crap, and yet I do.  I’ve been wanting to post a lot of different things so let the random babbling begin:

-We had a lot of fun on Andrew’s birthday.  We went out to eat and then a big group of us went to Jupiter’s 2 and played games.  Can I just say we dominated Deal or No Deal.  We had so many tickets we were able to purchase “barrel of monkeys” dinosaur version.

– Most of today was great.  I had a wonderful day at work (Bella) sales wise.  I went to my parents to get some stuff and Andrew happened to be over there, come to find out he had gone and purchased a new CD player for my car and had installed it.  So much for the “no car payment” this month, but that’s what we figured would happen, as soon as you pay off your cars you begin doing repairs and maintenance.  Then to top it all off my mom gave me an awesome surprise present.

– I’m definitely overwhelmed with life right now.  This week is going to be grossly busy.  I have wedding flowers to do, a sermon to write and preach and a joint garage sale with my mom.  I’m looking forward to the other side of next Sunday.

– I feel sad.  I don’t really know why, but today especially with all the great things that happened I know I SHOULD feel elated and I don’t.

– I led worship in “big church” tonight from keys and as of right now I must say I don’t really like it.  It’s much more nerve wracking then just singing, but I know I’m supposed to be growing and sometimes growing pains happen…this is one of them.  Despite the way I feel I do appreciate being stretched and challenged.

– I tried to freeze my tanning membership and they forgot to do it so I paid for this month and have only tanned once.  What a waste of money.  I’ll be going in this week to freeze it for the summer.

– Oddly enough, it has really bothered me the last week that I started high school 10 years ago.  Where did the time go? For some reason I feel like I’ve blinked and I fast forwarded 10 years!

– I really want to get my Thirty-One business up and running, but with my schedule for the next week I know I have to postpone it a little bit.  Luckily I have friends who are excited to host parties and I can’t wait for that to begin.

-Last, but not least, our trip to Massachusetts was great.  So great that I came home with extra baggage in the form of pounds and I’m so grossed out by that.  It’s been too hot (in my opinion) to go running so I’m not sure what my plan of attack is going to be.

Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, I’m just keeping it real.  Hope your weekend is shaping up to be lovelier than mine and I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day…I’ll be at work (making up for lost time on vacation).


In about 10 minutes we will be leaving to come home from Massachussetts.  It has been a wonderful trip filled with great family time.  Here is a rundown of our trip.

Friday: We made both of our flights…it was a close one, but we made it.  We got to dinner right on time and had dinner on Federal Hill in Providence, RI.  It was a great Italian restaurant and we had a good time.

Saturday: We got up EARLY and headed to Bryant University for Nick Campbell’s graduation from college.  It was my (Laura) first ever outdoor graduation and it was perfect weather.  The graduaton lasted over 3 hours and we were all ready to head home afterwards.  Saturday night we had one of the Campbell family traditions, Jay’s Flying Pizza.  This guy makes the pizza in his garage and it’s really good.  I got to ride with Scott to pick it up so I got the full effect.  Then we played Yahtzee and I won.  To top it all off we got to go to the GAP (Great American Pub) and hang out with Nick and his friend Drew.

Sunday: We had the graduation party.  We got to visit with family and friends all day, watched the boys play a game of pick up baseball and then hung out with friends afterwards.  Played another game of Yahtzee, this time Nick won with 2 yahtzees.  It was a great day and we stayed up way to late chatting as always.

Monday was an awesome day.  We went to Newport, RI and visited the Mansions.  If you are ever in Newport you GOTTA SEE THE BREAKERS!  It was the Cornelius Vanderbilt’s summer “cottage” located right on the ocean, named “The Breakers” because the waves crash and break on the property.  It was WAY cool.  We had lunch overlooking the Harbor and then walked around in the beautiful weather.  Some day Andrew and I will most likely vacation in Newport for a weekend while we are out here visiting family.  SO much to see, so little time.

Then each and every night Andrew and I fell asleep under the stars.  Alright so this is a little bit of a stretch; they were the plastic stars he stuck to his ceiling when he was 13, but a girl can dream right?

It was a wonderful trip and it’s sad to leave not knowing exactly when we will be back!  For sure Christmas/New Years time, but not sure if we’ll see them before that and that is a LONG time not to see family.  Away we go, if you think of it shoot up a prayer for a safe smooth trip home…I want to get home at a decent time and as always can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!

EDIT: We got home safely and about 15 minutes early!

Love the one you’re with.  What a terrible song, seriously the message is kind of good basically work it out, but the way they phrase it is so cruel.  No this post isn’t about me attempting to love Andrew while wishing I was with someone else.  Rather this post is about my car.  The Train mobile.  I bought my Honda Accord my senior year of high school and it was paid off my freshman year of college.  So I have owned this car for a little over 6 years and have disliked it almost every day.  There are quite a few things wrong with it and I have poured lots of money into it.  I would really like to have a Land Rover.  I think they are one of the ugliest cars on the market and for some reason I really like that about them.  They say “luxury” while still being utility, which is appealing to me.

That won’t be happening anytime soon so, here is my solution:

I am going to start really taking care of my Honda.  Washing it often (Free at O’Brien), vacuuming the floors and seats regularly, dusting the dash, and the biggest goal of all…I am going to keep the clutter out of it.  I figure this will help me to feel like I have a nice “newish” car while I wait to have the car of my dreams.  Friends, hold me to it, next time you ask if I can drive and I have to de-clutter my backseat before you get in, I give you permission to call me out on it.

Last night I was talking to a friend about our trip that we are taking this weekend.  We’ll be gone for  a total of 5 days and 4 nights and I was saying how Andrew and I travel in carry on luggage only whenever we take a trip for less than a week.  She was appalled and thought there was no way that was possible so I thought I’d give you a little insight into how I pack so light.  The reason why I started packing light is because growing up we were only allowed a carry on so I learned to work with it.  Here goes my explanation:

First I choose a color scheme:  Christmas this year was purple, yellow and white.  Our honeymoon was navy, cream and white and this current trip was black/gray, white and gold.  I think this helps you pack more easily AND then you can mix and match whatever is in your bag so if you wake up and don’t want to wear your planned outfit you have a couple other options.

Here is a picture of my clothes laid out according to the days of the week.  I also pick out a necklace and earrings for each day as well and occasionally I’ll throw in a bracelet.

After I have chosen all of the outfits I write them down day by day on a note card so I remember to wear everything I planned and it makes for really quick easy decisions when I am there.  I also take all my jewelry and pack it up in a hanging bag with my makeup.

Once this is finished I am ready to pack my clothes.  Typically when I travel I wear one pair of shoes and I take a pair of shoes.  This cuts down on how much room I need.  If you need to take running clothes and shoes you probably could squeeze that in, but I know this trip I will not have time to do those things so I’m not going to bother packing them.  Here is the KEY to packing as much as possible: roll your clothes.  I don’t know how this really works, but I seem to be able to pack more when I roll my clothes.  Also I always take ONE pair of jeans, unless I’m planning to wear them everyday then I wear a pair and pack a pair.  This trip I’ll be wearing dresses and skirts most of the time so I am only packing one pair of jeans.  Besides my planned outfits I throw in one extra shirt just in case. Here is the picture of ALL of my clothes packed in my carry on.

Last, but not least, my beloved underwear holder.  This nifty little thing keeps your clean undies on one side and your worn ones on the other.  I actually received 3 of these one year for Christmas because when people saw this they knew I just had to have it!  I suggest you get one too, they are from Gap Body.

DISCLAIMER: We are going to be staying with my in-laws and therefore we don’t have to pack any liquids because we purchased some while we were out there and have a stash at their house, so I know some of you would have to pack your quart size bag, but that fits in your personal bag so really there is not much of a difference.

There you have it, how to pack for a week in a carry on.  The other perk to this is less laundry when you get home!  That tends to be the worst part about taking a trip so I’ve streamlined that process as much as possible too.

I Could Kick Myself

May 20, 2010

I am so frustrated with myself!  I was doing REALLY good with eating healthier and walking or jogging 5 to 6 times a week and then somehow I just got out of the rhythm and I started back driving through McDonalds in the morning on my way to work to get a large diet coke.  Then I stopped jogging and would only walk about every other day.  Well yesterday and today I have attempted to get back on the healthy train and it’s killing me.  I’ve had a headache since 7:00 last night.  I got up this morning and tried to “jog off” the headache which only made it worse.  The worst part about it all is that I have been feeling crappy and now I can only jog about half the distance I could 2 weeks ago (this could have been due to the headache, but still).  GRR why didn’t I just keep it up when I had a good thing going for me!?!?!?!

They Call Me Tater

May 18, 2010

I love potato salad, in fact if I could choose to have a lifetime supply of one thing it would be potato salad.  I know that’s odd, and I don’t even love potatoes all that much, but when you add the mustard and whatever else they add with it I just can’t get enough of it.  So my new nickname at church has become Tater Salad because that is how the kitchen staff remembers who I am.  Today I walked into church and I saw Steve and Shana a.k.a. the kitchen staff giggling.  I walked down to see what was for lunch and with a big grin Steve said hey Tater Salad guess what we are having for lunch today?  I was elated to see that we were having Sloppy Joe’s, but he couldn’t wait to tell me that we were having TATER TOTS!  So they decided to just call me Tater because guess what…I can’t get enough of those tots either.  This post is NOT an invitation for you to call me Tater, in fact if your name is not Steve or Shana you are not allowed.


May 17, 2010

My new business venture is selling Thirty-One.  I have never been a huge fan of home parties.  I always feel like people dread going to them and then feel obligated to purchase something they didn’t really want or need.  Then I found Thirty-One and my attitude totally changed.  I love giving gifts, especially gift basket style gifts based around a theme.  The products found in the catalog are the perfect gift containers or can stand alone as an outstanding personal gift.  So if you are invited to a Thirty-One party you can be guaranteed to find the perfect gift for someone you know OR you can treat yourself to something special.  Almost everything in the catalog can be personalized and the patterns and fonts are unique.

So here is what I would love for you to do.

1.  Check out my website at and leave a comment on here telling me what you think.

2.  If you love the stuff and want to host a home party OR internet party with awesome perks shoot me an e-mail at

3.  If parties aren’t your thing, but you would like to purchase something just click place an order and you will be directed to a page where you can shop just like any other internet store.

For your piece of mind…

1.  I will not beg you to have a party, but would totally love for you to.

2.  I promise that this blog will not become a thirty-one advertisement, however I will post once or twice a month highlighting my favorite things or any specials and hopefully soon I will have a button on the side to direct you straight to my website.

I would love your support as I start this new business in an attempt to meet new people and to pay off those pesky student loans!

Our Fabulous Weekend!

May 13, 2010

We are looking forward to a fabulous weekend!  Andrew’s parents are on their way as I type…they will be driving through the night and will be arriving tomorrow just after lunch.  We plan to take them to Peoria on Saturday and show them our future hometown.  Then on Sunday…cue pomp and circumstance…Andrew will be getting hooded, he tried his gown on tonight, it’s pretty stinkin awesome!  Praying for beautiful weather for their short trip, I hope you have an exciting weekend planned.  Check back Monday for some exciting news about my latest business venture!


May 10, 2010

Andrew and I didn’t really sleep all weekend.  For some reason it was either too hot or too cold in our bedroom all night long.  Then half the night Andrew would toss and turn to try to get comfortable and that would wake me up.  Saturday night I got up twice sick to my stomach.  Then to top it all off we had to be up relatively early every morning.  GRRR I’m so tired and all I want to do is crawl in bed, BY MYSELF and sleep all day…no offense Andrew, but I want all the covers and I want to lay across the ENTIRE bed.  Next purchase, King Size Bed!

Meltdown in Aisle 2

May 7, 2010

This week I have been newly energized to plan meals and either cook or tell Andrew what he can make each night.  We have been in a rut of eating Bertolli or Digiorno and as much as we like that, it’s getting boring and it’s not really good for you to only eat frozen pre-made meals.  I took a couple hours this week and sat down with some cooking magazines and came up with this menu and this grocery list:

Saturday: Breakfast- Monkey Bread

Lunch- Sausage and Tomato Rigatoni (F&F Spring 2006)

Dinner- On our own

Sunday: Breakfast- At church

Lunch- Sandwich Bar

Dinner- Parents?

Monday: TGIM/Sermon…Andrew on his own

Tuesday: Skirt Steak Tacos with spicy sour cream (Fine Cooking)

Wednesday: Bruschetta Chicken Bake, Easy Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans (F&F Fall 2006 p.48 and p.52)  Spinach Artichoke Dip for SG

Thursday: “Chinese Takeout” Lemon Chicken (F&F Fall 2007 pg. 5)

Friday:  Taco Dip and Pizza dip (F&F Holiday 2006 pg. 20) for the appetizer (out for dinner)

Grocery List:

Random Aisles

8oz Rigatoni Pasta (Whole Wheat)

¼ cup Sun-Dried tomato Vinaigrette Dressing

Whole Wheat Tortillas

1 16oz pkg Stove Top Stuffing Mix for Chicken

Chicken broth

1 box lemon jello

1pkg (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach

Light Mayo

Tortilla Chips 2 bags, 1 multigrain, 1 other


1pkg buttermilk buscuits


1lb sausage, cut into chunks

1 lb boneless/skinless chicken

11/2 lbs boneless chicken breasts

1lb skirt steak

Canned Goods:

¼ cup tomato paste

1 can diced tomatoes

2 cans green beans

1 can (14oz) artichoke hearts

1 can pizza sauce


Minced Garlic

Dried basil

Garlic powder

Taco seasoning

Chipotle Chili Kosher Salt


1 large red onion

Lettuce shreds

4 tomatoes

1 med. Avocado

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

1 pkg snow peas

3 lbs red potatoes

1 red Pepper






Taco shredded cheese

Shredded Mozzarella (for multiple recipes)

Large Sour Cream

Parmesan cheese (for 2 receipes)

Shredded Cheddar cheese

2 pkg 8 oz cream cheese

1Gal Milk



” Alright I can do this shopping trip”, I thought.  I arrived at the store with thorough list in hand and got right to it, well kinda, I didn’t really know where to start so I just kinda of went down the middle (bad plan).  I jumped to meat, then produce then back down the middle.  Then I went to dairy and realized I was missing canned artichoke hearts, frozen spinach,  and pizza sauce.  I was in aisle 2 when I broke down and called my mom.  She wasn’t familiar with this particular store so she gave me her best guess and I tried it out… no luck.  I had been at the store almost 2 hours when I finally decided it was time to leave, I had had enough and I wanted to avoid a complete meltdown in aisle 2.  The bummer of it all is I try so hard to be nice to people in the check out and I was so frustrated that I didn’t smile, I didn’t ask people how they were doing and then I barked at them that I couldn’t find certain items and that they couldn’t find them either.  Did I mention I was starving?!?!

Bottomline:  This whole meal planning/grocery shopping thing is going to be MUCH harder than I ever expected

Where is the manual for this thing?