Looking Forward to May

April 29, 2010

May is going to be a busy and wonderful month and then come June I don’t even know what we will do with the free time we will begin to have.

The first weekend of May Andrew and I both have class Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.  Then I volunteered to work at Bella on Sunday.  So this coming weekend is clearly not that exciting, but it’s necessary and it’s the last weekend Andrew and I will be going to class so that’s worth celebrating!

The second weekend in May I am co-hosting a clothing swap at our church for my leadership project.  It should be a fun afternoon of giving away old clothes and getting “new” clothes.  We’ve done a swap once before and it was tons of fun.

The third weekend Andrew’s parents and little brother will be in town for his graduation.  We are looking forward to taking them to Peoria to show them the town we will be moving to eventually.  We are hoping my family from Texas can make it up for this weekend, but we are looking forward to a great weekend regardless.

The fourth weekend we are taking a little trip home to Massachusetts for Andrew’s brother’s graduation.  We are looking forward to getting away for a few days.  We found a couple fantastic flights out of Bloomington that allow us to leisurely make the trip without having to get up at a horrible hour of the morning.  Those are our kind of flights.  We are hoping to get back to Bloomington early enough to hit up Avanti’s for some pizza bread.

The fifth weekend we have nothing planned so far and I’d be ok with it staying that way.  I did tell Bella I would be available that weekend if need be so I may be working a shift or two, but hopefully we’ll be able to have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

When June arrives we will not only have weekends open, but also have time together Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday….whoa we might actually get sick of each other, I highly doubt it!  I’m sure our schedule will fill up faster than we can even breathe!


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