He’s Got My Back

April 28, 2010

So this week has been tough.  I have been mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually challenged: luckily at different times in my day, but to sum up the week so far it’s been tough.  Happily our marriage has been great this week so no worries on that front!

I have been on the hunt for the last several months for a great pair of trouser jeans.  I wanted something dressy and sophisticated and unfortunately with skinny jeans being all the rage a trouser jean is very hard to come by.  I knew Banana Republic would have the style I want, but I struggled with paying $90 for a pair of jeans…that’s not THAT outrageous, but I like to make my clothing budget stretch.  This morning I looked up on our cabinet and lo and behold there was a coupon for 40% off a regular priced item at Banana Republic and it was only good for ONE DAY, today.  So after my meeting this afternoon I headed over in hopes of getting out of there spending about $60.  I found the pair I wanted, they had my size, I tried them on, I loved them and I went up to pay for them.  She rang them up, $68…ouch, but okay.  Then she rang in my coupon chaching, I got $90 jeans for $40.88.  Apparently starting today the jeans were an extra 30% off.  Can you believe that?  I told the girl that this made my day and she was thrilled for me.

When things like this happen I think, “God, could it be true that you are so crazy about me that you would perfectly align events like this in my life when times are tough?”  I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.  I’m super grateful that God reveals himself to me right where I need Him, in Banana Republic of all places.

[FYI: still no luck on the purse!]


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