All done!

April 21, 2010

Today, we wrote a check for the final payment on Andrew’s car! In a couple weeks we will have the title, and will own both our cars 100%!! It will be a good chance to start fresh. Since getting married and discussing finances, we agree that we’d like to get into minimal debt, and pay as much as possible with cash. Hopefully we can set aside enough money each month that by the time we need to replace one car, we’ll have the money for one. We have also learned that it makes a lot more sense financially to buy a lightly-used car. Andrew’s car was purchased new, and while it has been a good car and has plenty more miles to go, we could save a big chunk of money on the same car a couple years later, or buy a much nicer 2-year old car for the same amount. At least we haven’t made any major mistakes in our learning process!


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