Random Thoughts from Laura’s Head

April 14, 2010

-The Snooze button is the worst/best invention in the World.  I snoozed for an hour the other day and it was pure bliss.  Luckily I married a snoozer too so he typically doesn’t get annoyed with how often my alarm goes off.

-I love white pants, I bought another pair the other day….slightly different than all my other pairs, I told Andrew to cut me off.

-I’m going to try to take a walk or jog everyday that it’s nice outside…so far so good this week, it feels nice to get out!

-This spring has started off much nicer than usual

-I’m frustrated that my CD player in my car isn’t playing CD’s right now, however I have had it since I turned 16 over 8 years ago so I can’t complain really

-I love surprises and I LOVE surprising people, we got to have a surprise party for a friend the other day and it was fabulous

– Because of my jobs, friends, and family I will only be responsible for one meal this week at home AND I made two meat loafs last time I made it so our dinner is thawing out on our counter right now!

-This spring it is my goal to have fresh flowers on our dining room table every week.  Right now we have white and yellow daisies in miniature milk bottles.  Next week I’ll be looking for Dahlias to put in some new vases I’m going to buy today : )

– I worked at the new Bella located on Neil near Kirby the other day and I had so much fun, if you haven’t checked it out yet you should it’s quite the destination.

-Confession…I ate a brownie for breakfast today

– I took some clothes to Karen’s Closet thinking they might take 1 or 2 pieces of the 11 things I took and they took ALL of them…hoping to have a little spending money in the next couple weeks!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday…sorry if I bored you to tears!


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