April 1st Check in

April 1, 2010

I REALLY don’t want to post this one this month.  But here it goes:

Hula hoop:  It was abysmal this month.  I like to blame 2 weeks of being sick and thinking I was pregnant for my lack of hula hooping, but you and I both know that I could have hula hooped if I was really motivated to do so.  I can definitely tell in my stomach muscles that I did not hula hoop this month more than 5 days.  Oh and I am not pregnant it was just a weird illness for a couple weeks.

Floss: I might as well take this off my list completely.  I only flossed a couple times this month.

Bible:  Sad to say we got off track a bit.  Between going away for a few days to Chicago and me being gone for 5 days in Texas, let’s just say we are 10 days behind and have resolved to just reading the day we are on instead of trying to catch up.  It’s not ideal, but it will have to do for now!

Remember you can GET BACK ON IT!  Or today is the perfect day to make a new resolution if you don’t like your old ones any more.


One Response to “April 1st Check in”

  1. Cindy Campbell said

    Hey there Sweetness. Just wanted to say, “Hi”. Hello too to you Andrew.

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