The Shirt Off Their Back

March 18, 2010

Do you have any friends that would give you the shirt off their back?  I have been wonderfully blessed by my friendship with Jenna.  Last night she surprised us and came to small group.  When she arrived I immediately noticed her earrings, they were the ones I had been eying for several weeks at F21.  I looked at them all night and after group while we were talking I said, ” I just can’t get over how much I like those earrings and how bummed I am that I never purchased them.  Without a thought she ripped them out of her ears and and handed them over.  I was super embarrassed and kept trying to give them back.  She continued to hand them over saying she wanted me to have them and I would do it for her.  She’s right I totally would do it for her, that’s what friends do.  Today I am wearing these awesome earrings and thinking about how sweet my friend Jenna is.  My challenge to you today is to make someone’s day by giving them “the shirt off your back.”


One Response to “The Shirt Off Their Back”

  1. Jenna said

    This is such a nice post! Let the record show that I am totally blessed by my friendship with YOU (Andrew, you’re included in this too). Can’t wait to see you rock the earrings. Work it.

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