March 9, 2010

Today marks the last day of a 70 day sweets fast.  During the duration of our support and recovery program the leaders and some of the participants fasted to focus on praying for the program and breaking our addictive behaviors.  In the weeks leading up to the program start I felt like God highlighted that I needed to fast all sweet foods.  The exception was gum and fruit.  What I didn’t realize when I made this agreement was how much of our daily foods are sweet!

Things I have craved way more than I thought I would:

PB and J-yep Jelly was considered a sweet

Reeses PB cup miniatures

DIET COKE-this one still hasn’t gone away.

I’m sure there were other things, but really after awhile you no longer crave sweets.  I was tempted at Birthday parties, friend get togethers, etc. however from day to day I didn’t miss it all the much (with the exception of Diet Coke).  Tonight I will break my fast with a huge potluck feast with the others from the Healing Journey program.  Also a certain special someone bought me a whole bag of Reese’s PB cups to feast on over the next couple weeks.

What God taught me through this fast: throughout this session of Healing Journey I have been working through security issues.  I’ve learned that I rely WAY to much on myself and Andrew and way too little on God to give us what we need.  Through this fasting time I have specifically focused on Andrew’s job situation and asking God to provide the security I crave.  With something as silly as getting rid of sweets (which I don’t need anyway) for 70 days I felt like God continued to remind me that if he cared enough about me to take away my cravings and help me fight temptations of sweets then he DEFINITELY cares enough about me and Andrew to give us a job!  I have been able to surrender my control over things and I can finally say I truly trust God to provide and I feel secure in Him.  Also I discovered I have more self discipline than I ever thought I did, I CAN do whatever it is God asks me to and that is something I have questioned in the past.

Our church starts a 21 day fast on Sunday and I’m excited to see what breakthroughs we receive personally AND corporately.


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