March 1st Check in

March 1, 2010

Yikes: that pretty much sums up the month of February when it comes to my New Years commitments.  They say most New Years Resolutions last 6 weeks and I must say I totally became a statistic this month!

Hula Hoop:  Hmm hasn’t been out of the closet in at least 2 weeks (I will start again TODAY)

Bible: We spent an hour reading 4 days last night so we could be caught up for today.  So we haven’t totally fallen off this one, but it would be good if we could get in the rhythm of reading only one per day.

Floss:  I think I flossed one day last week because I had a piece of meat stuck between my teeth, does that count?

So there you have it.  I have really stunk it up this past month, but I look at every 1st day of the month as a clean slate so I get to start over today and hopefully on April 1st I will have better news to report in this area.  I hope you are all doing well on your resolutions, but if not, start them back up today.  There is no shame in getting back on the horse, however there is shame in falling off and lying in manure…get on it people!


One Response to “March 1st Check in”

  1. Anne said

    I love your honesty!!! Thanks for the reminder to revisit my goals for 2010 and start anew again.

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