The Color of Spring

February 24, 2010

This past week I went to an image consultation party and had my colors done and found out what my face and body shape are.  I was blown away at how wrong I dress for my colors.  I love fall colors, but I am anything but a fall color pallate.  I happen to be Spring, can you believe that?  I should be wearing bright yellow, pink, grass green, periwinkle, you know, think spring and that’s what I should look like when you see me.  It just so happens that my dear friend Jenna is an autumn and wears the exact same size as me so she is about to have a closet explosion as I go through my closet and purge all the things that look dreadful on me.  I am beginning to embrace my new color pallate, today I bought a saturated pink top, a periwinkle scarf and yellow earrings (don’t worry I spent less than $15 total).  I wore the blue scarf and yellow earrings out on our date tonight and it really brought out the blue in my eyes.

I have a SQUARE FACE.  That’s right a square, who would have thought that was even a face shape?  When I got home I looked in the mirror and behold I do have a distinct square shaped face.  To balance this out I need to wear circular necklines and jewelry.  This is not a huge change for me, but it explains why I have hated things in the past.

I also found out that I have a RECTANGLE BODY.  Another shape I didn’t know existed for a body.  The way I describe my body type is a bean pole times ten.  No one would ever look at me and think I am a bean pole, essentially that’s what my body is, but with a lot more woman in me.  Bottom line, I need to wear belts to define a waste, no biggie I like belts!

I can tell already that this is going to radically change the way I shop.  First thing I do is look at the color now and then decide if it’s a flattering fit.  I actually think it will be a lot of fun to shop with my rules.  It’s a lot like what not to wear except I wasn’t nationally humiliated and I didn’t get $5000 out of the deal.  I would recommend an image consultation to everyone, it will change the way that you and others view you.  A neat quote from the class: “You can’t control how you are perceived, but you can control how you are presented.


One Response to “The Color of Spring”

  1. Jill R. said

    How did you find out about doing that? That sounds really cool. Can you direct me to the right place to find out myself?

    Thanks 🙂

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