Like a Jew at Christmas

February 12, 2010

I think I get it now, I know what Jewish people feel like during Christmastime.  I’m sure they are ready for everyone to go back to blogging about regular old stuff, day to day life.  They are tired of Christmas trees, lights, red and green, Christmas movies on television, and anything else Christmassy.  I’m sure they anxiously await December 26th when the stores have moved on, the Christmas music has ceased for the next 340 days, and people have stopped spreading so much cheer.  I know how they feel because I always look forward to February 15th!  I don’t know when my dislike for Valentine’s Day was formed, but I don’t remember ever celebrating this Hallmark holiday with anyone other than my parents.  I had boyfriends on Valentines days past, but they had explicit instructions that they were not to celebrate this holiday with me.  I am a total Valentine’s Day scrooge.  Thankfully my parents (and in-laws) have been good models of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids and I really hope when the time comes and our kids are old enough to celebrate I will have changed my tune.  Until then I will shudder at the hearts, chocolates, love songs, and those silly valentine paper doilies.  Is anyone else ready for the 15th??  I want my blogs back!


4 Responses to “Like a Jew at Christmas”

  1. Ellen Benefield said

    I really appreciate V-day in Mexico, because it’s not just for bf/gfs it’s called friendship and love day, and most people buy little chocolates for their friends too.

  2. Jill said

    I’m with ya, Laura!!

  3. chaity87 said

    At least you are not a single Jewish girl. First the run up to christmas which begins about september and then pretty much straight after is the run up to valentines day. Thats basically 6 months of feeling like you want to kick puppies. And I generally love puppies *sigh*

  4. Cindy Campbell said

    Oh no, I forgot and sent you guys a card!! Just throw it out and use the money for bills!

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