Lost and Found

February 5, 2010

Around Christmas time I got a few new sandwich green bags, you know the kind made out of cloth or washable materials.  As soon as I got my new ones I lost my old one and I was REALLY bummed out about it.  I probably thought about it everyday and racked my brain trying to figure out where it could possibly be.  Andrew kept telling me it was probably in the car.  I looked in both cars several times and never found it.  This morning I resolved that I must have left it at my in-laws when we were there for Christmas.  I planned to call my M-I-L this afternoon to see if she had found it…it would be hard to miss it seeing as it is a bold print of hot pink and orange.  No sooner did that come out of my mouth then I found the bag in my lunch box…hmm what a crazy place for a sandwich bag to be…a lunchbox?  Who would have ever thought to look there?


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