The Color of Spring

February 24, 2010

This past week I went to an image consultation party and had my colors done and found out what my face and body shape are.  I was blown away at how wrong I dress for my colors.  I love fall colors, but I am anything but a fall color pallate.  I happen to be Spring, can you believe that?  I should be wearing bright yellow, pink, grass green, periwinkle, you know, think spring and that’s what I should look like when you see me.  It just so happens that my dear friend Jenna is an autumn and wears the exact same size as me so she is about to have a closet explosion as I go through my closet and purge all the things that look dreadful on me.  I am beginning to embrace my new color pallate, today I bought a saturated pink top, a periwinkle scarf and yellow earrings (don’t worry I spent less than $15 total).  I wore the blue scarf and yellow earrings out on our date tonight and it really brought out the blue in my eyes.

I have a SQUARE FACE.  That’s right a square, who would have thought that was even a face shape?  When I got home I looked in the mirror and behold I do have a distinct square shaped face.  To balance this out I need to wear circular necklines and jewelry.  This is not a huge change for me, but it explains why I have hated things in the past.

I also found out that I have a RECTANGLE BODY.  Another shape I didn’t know existed for a body.  The way I describe my body type is a bean pole times ten.  No one would ever look at me and think I am a bean pole, essentially that’s what my body is, but with a lot more woman in me.  Bottom line, I need to wear belts to define a waste, no biggie I like belts!

I can tell already that this is going to radically change the way I shop.  First thing I do is look at the color now and then decide if it’s a flattering fit.  I actually think it will be a lot of fun to shop with my rules.  It’s a lot like what not to wear except I wasn’t nationally humiliated and I didn’t get $5000 out of the deal.  I would recommend an image consultation to everyone, it will change the way that you and others view you.  A neat quote from the class: “You can’t control how you are perceived, but you can control how you are presented.


My Sweet Husband

February 18, 2010

This week Andrew has done several things that were just super sweet so I wanted to write them down somewhere so when I’m having a bad day or things aren’t going great at home I can reference these moments and be reassured.  Oddly enough, all three things have to do with his car.

1.  He has had a parking pass all week.  I figured he would want his car with the remote start, but without saying anything he put his parking pass in my car and volunteered to drive it this week so I could have the warm car every morning.

2.  It snowed about 4 inches the other night.  He went down early and brushed off the snow and then I saw him get in the car.  I figured he had left and that I needed to plan accordingly to scrape my car off.  When I looked out the window to start my car I saw that he had come back and brushed off my windows.  Later I asked him when he did that and he said he started pulling out and saw that my windows were covered so he pulled back in and brushed them off.

3.  Yesterday I was backing out of our parking lot in Andrew’s car.  There is this stupid little cinder block wall that you can’t  really see when you are backing out.  Our parking lot is COVERED in ice and snow and I was kind of stuck in my spot so I gassed it in reverse and heard a THUD!  Oops I knocked over one of the cinder blocks, when I looked at the bumper I saw a dime sized scratch in the paint.  I e-mailed Andrew letting him know what I had done…do you know what his response was?  “It’s ok there are other scratches on it. I’m not upset. Don’t let it ruin your day!”  What a relief, he is so laid back and I really appreciate that about him.

Do something nice for someone today!


February 15, 2010

Move over Heman…my mother and I are Shewomen.  Today my mom decided she wanted to redecorate one of the rooms in her house, switch out headboards and pictures and bedding and so on and so forth.  Our afternoon went something like this:

Task 1: Hang the mirror {check}

Task 2: Take off the headboard, after 45 minutes, 3 powerdrills, 2 screw drivers and a socket wrench {check}

Task 3: Hang fabric headboard, after measuring 4 times and moving the Hercules hooks twice {check}

Task 4: Choose pillows to coordinate with bedding {Pending}

Task 5: Decide and hang pictures {Pending}

So I must say the headboard was quite the feat, but after a lot of frustration, muscle strain, laughter, and finally finding the correct tool we did it!  At one point my mother tried to throw in the towel and call a MAN to help us out.  I quickly shut that idea down and told her we would figure this out ON OUR OWN.  The estrogen won out this time and we felt very accoumplished.  Girl Power prevails…onto the next project!

Like a Jew at Christmas

February 12, 2010

I think I get it now, I know what Jewish people feel like during Christmastime.  I’m sure they are ready for everyone to go back to blogging about regular old stuff, day to day life.  They are tired of Christmas trees, lights, red and green, Christmas movies on television, and anything else Christmassy.  I’m sure they anxiously await December 26th when the stores have moved on, the Christmas music has ceased for the next 340 days, and people have stopped spreading so much cheer.  I know how they feel because I always look forward to February 15th!  I don’t know when my dislike for Valentine’s Day was formed, but I don’t remember ever celebrating this Hallmark holiday with anyone other than my parents.  I had boyfriends on Valentines days past, but they had explicit instructions that they were not to celebrate this holiday with me.  I am a total Valentine’s Day scrooge.  Thankfully my parents (and in-laws) have been good models of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids and I really hope when the time comes and our kids are old enough to celebrate I will have changed my tune.  Until then I will shudder at the hearts, chocolates, love songs, and those silly valentine paper doilies.  Is anyone else ready for the 15th??  I want my blogs back!

SNOW, I really don’t like the stuff, it’s cold, wet and totally inconveniences your life.  However it is good for something.  Snow Days.  I woke up this morning hoping for a snow day, but alas the roads were totally clear and it only took me an extra 2 minutes to get to work.  I was a bit bummed, but got over it quickly. I arrived at the church this afternoon for my duties and found the building to be almost empty and signs on all the doors heralding activity cancellations.  Translation: I GOT A NIGHT OFF.  It probably wouldn’t be my choice to have this activity cancelled, but since it was I took a nap and enjoyed the evening with my bestie (Andrew).

To See and Not to See

February 9, 2010

Last night Andrew and I FINALLY watched a movie that we were both engaged in.  It was called 500 Days of Summer and it was not at all what I expected, but I did enjoy it and was entertained throughout.  I will warn you this is not a completely wholesome flick.  There were a couple “sex scenes” that showed nothing, but it was implied and the F-Bomb was dropped, but was actually done in a tastefully funny way (if that’s possible).  So as long as you are not watching this with a 10 year old you should be good.  It was a good date movie seeing as it was a non-chick flick, chick flick if that makes sense.

DO NOT under any circumstance rent Trans-Siberian.  Ok I take that back, if you are looking for a horrible mutilation movie, that will just about make you sick then under THAT circumstance this is the movie for you.  We ended up turning it off 3/4 of the way through because it had gotten to be too much for me (Laura)!

Tell Them I Sent You

February 8, 2010

I have become a salon junkie, meaning I love to go to the Regency and have my friend Jenna perform some sort of beauty treatment on me.  I have become a repeat Friday customer and have had 2 cuts, a color, 2 eyebrow waxings and a manicure.  I’m scheduled in a few weeks to get a facial too.  I have really enjoyed my newest indulgence, but at $9 a haircut I can afford to pamper myself a bit more.  Another way I’ve been getting help paying for these services is through referrals and this is where you, my lovely blog readers, come in!  If you have never been to the regency then there is no time like the present.  Call and make an appointment with Jenna H. and when you get there tell them that Laura Campbell referred you.  This earns me $5 towards my next service. SO Here is a list of their services and prices.  Call 217-531-9937 to set up your appointment today and remember it’s C-A-M-P-B-E-L-L just like the soup, just tell them when you check in.  I look forward to seeing each of you more beautiful in the near future!

UPDATE: Jenna is on dispense this week which means you cannot get an appointment until next week with her.

Lost and Found

February 5, 2010

Around Christmas time I got a few new sandwich green bags, you know the kind made out of cloth or washable materials.  As soon as I got my new ones I lost my old one and I was REALLY bummed out about it.  I probably thought about it everyday and racked my brain trying to figure out where it could possibly be.  Andrew kept telling me it was probably in the car.  I looked in both cars several times and never found it.  This morning I resolved that I must have left it at my in-laws when we were there for Christmas.  I planned to call my M-I-L this afternoon to see if she had found it…it would be hard to miss it seeing as it is a bold print of hot pink and orange.  No sooner did that come out of my mouth then I found the bag in my lunch box…hmm what a crazy place for a sandwich bag to be…a lunchbox?  Who would have ever thought to look there?

As I’m sure most of you know Punxsutawny Phil told us today that there will be six more weeks of winter this year.  Correct or not I’m actually not dreading it too much this year.  To my recollection this has been the mildest winter we have ever had…well at least in the last 16 years.  I have probably only worn a coat 15 to 20 times since November.  I also have only asked Andrew 5 or so times why we are moving someplace that is just as cold as here.  I don’t particularly care for Spring seeing as my life is threatened daily by TORNADOES.  Winter you are welcome to stay six more weeks as long as you promise not to get too cold.  Just stay above zero…ok?

February 1st Check In

February 1, 2010

How are we doing on our New Year’s commitments?

1.  I have used my Hula Hoop every single day, it has meant hula-hooping almost every night at 11:00, but I have still done it and I’m finally up to doing it for 10 minutes at a time.  February I will increase to 15 minutes at a time.  Most days I really don’t want to do it, but I can feel a little bit of a difference and I know by the end of the year I should have a six pack…totally kidding, but I might lose a couple inches which is fine by me.

2.  The Bible:  After the first week of ready alone Andrew and I decided to read each day aloud to each other.  Sometimes we’ve read 2 or 3 a day to catch up from skipping, but I’m happy to say today we are on Feb. 1st and so far we have read every single word even the hundreds of names that we struggle to pronounce.

3.  Flossing…yea I’ve stunk at this one, I think I’ve only done it 3 times since January first.  I’ll try harder in February.

As for living a simple life, I’m not quite sure how we’ve done that this month, but hopefully by my March 1st check in I’ll have something to report.  I hope each and every one of you has stayed strong in your committments!!!