Getting Used to It

January 26, 2010

So at this point into my internship I am finally getting used to my bizarre schedule.  Andrew and I have settled into seeing each other when we can and really enjoying the time we do spend together.  We went on a date this weekend and have another planned for this coming weekend and I’m already looking forward to it.  One thing this schedule has forced us to do is mark out intentional time to hang out.  Today we had an unexpected lunch together and it was so nice to be around him for a half an hour.  This definitely isn’t what i thought life would look like at this point, but we’re settling in and getting used to it!  On a positive note I do have a more flexible schedule than most people I know so I have more alone time than the average person which has been really nice.  On Friday afternoon I went shopping and this coming Friday afternoon I’m getting my hair cut, with most jobs I wouldn’t have this luxury.


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