Staying in

January 23, 2010

Today Andrew and I are doing something that has happened few times in our marriage…we stayed home this afternoon.  We are both busy bodies, so rarely do we see it as OK to just stay home on a Saturday.  This morning I worked from 9-1 and he had class from 8-12, but then we came home ate lunch and have been cleaning the apartment/ordering things online that we’ve been meaning to purchase (i.e. photos from our photo shoot with Jenna and a replacement cap for our blender).  We will have to venture out at some point to pick up the pictures, but other than that we are working at home.  We need to do this more often, I think that we think we will miss out on life if we stay home, but I’m finding today that I’m all ready more optimistic about the week ahead because I’m going into it with a clean home.  Also if you’ve been following our blog for any length of time you know I LOVE to get rid of things so I’ve been working on filling up my garage sale box.   Ah the little things in life are so sweet!  HAPPY SATURDAY


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