Writer’s block…

January 19, 2010

Today I “officially” began writing my doctoral dissertation. I say “officially” because, the way our program is set up, I have technically been writing material for my dissertation all along. The purpose of a Ph.D. program in chemistry, at least in my adviser’s eyes, is to demonstrate that one is an independent scientist through the writing and publishing of successful research. Each peer-reviewed journal article is essentially considered the material for a chapter in a final dissertation. I have one article currently, and I am writing a second one as we speak. Hopefully, I will finish enough research to complete and submit a third article sometime this spring.

So, a lot of the work in writing a dissertation is spread out over my graduate career. It certainly helps eliminate a little writer’s block. Yet, even as I was writing a few pages of introduction material, I just got stumped over and over. My solution: ellipses… whenever I don’t know what to write…

It’s helping me out quite a bit now, but come April, May, June, I will probably find myself scrambling to fill in those ellipses. Feel free to comment with any suggestions to alleviate writer’s block!


2 Responses to “Writer’s block…”

  1. Jill R. said

    solution: wait until the verrrry last minute, so that you have NO CHOICE but to write. Always worked for me! 😀

  2. Aunt Jane said

    Small notebook and pen in pocket…ideas often come when you least expect it… 🙂

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