I Can Stop Lying Now

December 5, 2009

SO over the last month or so I’ve been about 2 pounds away from my wedding weight which was exactly 15 pounds from my starting weight of the South Beach Diet (or for Don the Beached Whale Diet).  People have been commenting that Andrew and I look like we’ve lost weight and asking how much we’ve lost.  Well, I’ve been rounding up…until today.  I am OFFICIALLY today at my wedding weight, yep that’s right 15 pounds down.  I’d be lying if I said I’m ready to stop losing weight, I mean if I maintained this weight forever I would probably be thrilled, but my goal is another 5 pounds.  It’s funny that I chose to weigh myself this morning…yesterday I had a brownie for breakfast, brownie with ice cream for lunch (and about 15 green beans….mom said every meal should have some green) and then 2 slices of Papa Del’s deep dish pizza for dinner.  I fell off the wagon, but am climbing back in today, this just shows me again why we don’t allow sweets in our house very often and if we ever make them for a gathering we force people to take it home…big mistake to take our leftover brownies home on Thursday.  AHHH it feels nice to have my body back!


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