October 12, 2009

So while at the football game on Saturday I think I had a little lesson on dedication.  Sometimes in life I attempt to start things, but don’t always follow through, like my 5K training.  I was totally jazzed up about setting a goal, working towards it and eventually attaining it.  That lasted until I hit a very small road block…the cooler temps.  Now I have a legitimate excuse, but I’ll save that for tomorrow!  After seeing this man at the game I think I need to reconsider my dedication towards things.  Will I stick it out when things get tough, or will I cave under the pressure of the little things?  Folks, this man sat through all but 3 minutes of an absolutely horrendous game.  If I were him I would have stayed home.  You may be thinking…a lot of people tough out the Illini games this year, what is so special about this man?  I’ll let the picture do the talking:


Now that’s what I call dedication!


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