October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

"The Kennedys"

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!  We’ll post more pictures from the party last night as soon as we get them!


On the Road Again

October 29, 2009

The diet road, that’s right, we took a SMALL detour for a few weeks and we are now back on phase one of the south beach diet.  I am not NEARLY as sick as I was the first time around so that as been really nice!  I weighed myself this morning and have lost a total of…drumroll please….13 pounds!  WOOHOO!  This means I am 2 pounds away from my wedding weight and 7 pounds from my goal weight.  I look forward to getting back into excercising as soon as my foot is healed up from my minor mishap.  I feel good, confident and enjoy choosing my outfits again!  Andrew has noticably lost weight, but has chosen not to weigh until after phase one.  I encourage you today if you are not where you want to be health wise to start something, it really doesn’t matter what, it could be walk 20 minutes a day or radically change what you eat, but as my brother (the Ironman) always reminds me, if you are not happy with where you are at, you are the only one who can change that.  I feel great and I wish that for each and every one of you!!!

Back in the Game

October 26, 2009

It’s been about a year since I began experiencing moderate depression after weaning off my anti-depressants.  Today I finally feel like I’m back to normal.  Like really myself again.  It’s been a whole year where I have felt like a different person and I’m glad to be me again.  So here is what I did today that made me feel like my old self:

Got my blood work completed

Prepared my meals for the day before work

Did the dishes before work

Left the house rather spotless

Got packing tape and mailed a package for Halloween

Returned a movie

Filled my car with gas

Did 3 loads of laundary

Organized my mom’s closet

Watched an episode of Everwood with Andrew

Oh AND I put in an 8 hour day at work!

It was absolutely great and refreshing.  I felt like I really accomplished a lot and it was just awesome to feel back to normal.  Today I felt joy like I haven’t felt in years.  The most exciting part for me is that Andrew is going to get to know ME, I can’t wait for him to really see me and enjoy me for who God planned me to be!

Gifted hands

October 25, 2009

If you’re looking for a family-friendly flick, check this one out. Laura and I were looking for a movie to watch on our “day off” so we hit up the Redbox at County Market. Being a sucker for true stories and chick flicks, Laura decided between a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr (Gifted Hands) and Bride Wars. I’m a sucker for true stories too…um yeah… So we went with Gifted Hands. It was a surprising hit, especially after our Revolutionary Road disaster. In short, a disadvantaged boy overcomes odds to become a world-renowned doctor. It gets a Campbell household 3 thumbs up (my other thumb is supporting my pointer finger while I type this on my phone since our wireless Internet is acting up!

Be Frugal, But….

October 23, 2009

Live without regrets!  I totally believe in being cheap.  I mean seroiusly did you check out my clothes spending rules?  I’M CHEAP!  However I do think there are certain things you should totally spend money on.  Family time is one of those things.  This past week I had the priveledge of going to Green Lake, Wisconsin for the Vineyard Midwest Region Pastor’s Retreat.  This is where my family took several vacations over the course of my childhood and where my Father made some of his best childhood memories with his family.  My grandparent’s used to rent a house and we’d spend a week in the peace of nature…well it was kinda peaceful, we were with my dad’s family : )  We always dreamed of staying in the Ann Hathaway house.  It was pricier than some of the others because it’s lake front property, but probably worth the money because it is SO COOL.  One year we asked everyone if they wanted to rent this house and spend a week together, and the general consensus was nobody wanted to spend the money.

As I walked past this house my brother called me to see if Green Lake was still as it once was.  My heart just sank at the thought that we missed out on the opportunity to stay in that house with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Marc.  I hope someday soon we can redeem this missed trip.  Hopefully the planning will begin soon for a trip up to Green Lake and hopefully the house will be available to rent.  Unfortunately we will never be able to go back and change our minds and spend a week at the Ann Hathaway with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Marc, but we can make memories now with our family as it exists today.

I totally believe that saving money is important, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t miss making memories with your family because you’re too cheap to fork over the money.  Life is temporary…live with no regrets!

Here is the link to check out the house we want to stay in 🙂

Where we are this Evening!

October 22, 2009

Tonight we will be at the Orpheum Children’s Theater for a wine tasting hosted by Sunsinger Wine and Spirits.  The company I work for, Wesley Romine Painting, Inc. performed the work on this incredible theater and tonight the public will have the opportunity to view the finished product.  If you aren’t busy tonight and would like to attend the doors open at 5:00 tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door.  It should be a fun night and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my husband after being away this week! Check out the before pictures on the company blog and tomorrow I’ll post the finished pictures there.

He Will Come Out!

October 20, 2009

Our friend Katie is due ANY DAY now and has been trying all the home remedies of getting that baby out.  The other night I was saying he will come out and it made me remember this youtube video that I saw in college.  It cracks me up and I hope it puts a smile on your face today.  And Katie…He will come out! WATCH IT HERE.

Making a list

October 19, 2009

Last week I made my Christmas list, or at least the beginning of a Christmas list and sent it to my mother.  It took me several hours to visit websites, cut and paste pictures and give her the links to the things I wanted.  when I asked Andrew what he wanted he was able to come up with ONE thing…wow we are different people.

Now to tell you a story about a list that has nothing to do with the first story, but I’ll bring them back together at the end of this post!  When I was in highschool I dated a guy who was somewhat uncomfortable with talking on the phone, after dating for awhile he shared a little something with me.  He used to sit down and write a list about things we could talk about while we were on the phone, that way if conversation would hit a lull he would have a topic to bring up and get the conversation going again.  He liked me enough to take the time to get to know me, write down things he wanted to find out about me and to be INTENTIONAL with me.

This has really gotten me thinking this week about my prayer life and meditation.  What if I was THAT intentional with God?  What if I made a list of all the things I wanted God to reveal to me about His character, or wrote a list of things I wanted to sit and talk to him about?  What if I took hours writing lists for God like I did to write a list of my selfish wants?  There’s a little food for thought for you today…chew on it!

Last week while shopping with my mom I bumped into an old highschool friend.  I’ve seen her several times since Highschool, but it was my first time seeing her while she was working at the Limited.  I received a giftcard for my birthday AND a coupon for $15 off a purchase for a Happy Birthday incentive.  I thought…perfect, I’ll combine the two and still have money to spare.  I’d been eyeing this snakeskin clutch that would serve as my brown handbag for the season and if my plan came together it would be MINE.  The plan didn’t come together at all.  You see the coupon had conditions and using it in combination with a giftcard was not allowed.  My friend tried to talk me into buying the purse with the giftcard and spending the extra $10 to complete the purchase and I declined.  In shock she exclaim, “WOW you are cheap.”  I totally took this as a compliment!  I’m sure I was supposed to be offended and the other girls in the store turned their noses up at me, but I don’t care, I have my “rules.”  I’m slowly spreading my rules to other ladies in my phase of life with tight budgets and I thought I’d share them with the blog world.  It’s called the 10,20,30 Sale rule.

I spend $10 MAX on tops, $20 MAX on bottoms, and $30 MAX on dresses.  Also I will RARELY buy something if it is not on sale, even if it fits into my rules.  And the ONLY time I will break my 10,20,30 rule is if the item is INCREDIBLY on sale like 50% off designer jeans that never go on sale.

The purse did not fit into my rules because it was not on sale and I couldn’t use my coupon to make it “on sale.”  Oh well, there will be other purses, I’m pretty sure TJ MAXX is calling my name…here I come, giftcards in hand!

Happy Shopping 🙂  And NO this blog has not become a fashion blog, that’s just what I’ve been into lately as I’m compiling my Christmas list!

Some Day!

October 17, 2009

Our friend Jenna is the next up and coming photographer AND hairstylist.  She will hopefully have time to take Andrew and my pictures for our Christmas card this year.  Last weekend she took our good friend Katie out to take her maternity shots.  This one is my favorite and SOMEDAY when I’m pregnant I want a shot just like this, Jenna has already promised me a maternity shoot whether its soon or in 10 years.  Are you ready for sheer gorgeousness in the midst of hardcore graffiti?  Well here you have it!