Revolutionary Road

September 28, 2009

We watched it last night and I WOULD NOT recommend it, unless of course you are looking for a depressing movie with lots of yelling! I was rather creeped out by the plot and it was nothing like what I expected. I probably should have read more about it before renting it, but I really like Kate and Leo so I thought it was a shoe in for a great movie, in my opinion it was not. Luckily we got it at a Red Box and only paid $1 for it!


Have You Ever?

September 24, 2009

Have you ever gotten up 5 minutes before you were supposed to be at work, stumbled to your closet, thrown on clothes you thought made you look like you hadn’t just gotten out of bed only to realize once you were in the car that they TOTALLY don’t match!?! I did today, it’s not a pretty sight…luckily I’m going home at lunch and can change!

Reunited and It Feels so Good

September 23, 2009

I really loved teaching school.  It was always an empowering experience and truly brought me joy.  When the realization hit that I probably wouldn’t be teaching for the next few years it was kind of sad.  I eventually got over it and began to dive in to the opportunities that were set before me.  Store management was a great experience to have, office management will be vital to Andrew and I fulfilling our dreams and the internship at the church is life giving and something I’ve always wanted to be a part of.  With that being said, a part of me still misses teaching.  Last night due to unforeseen circumstances I was asked to teach the session of our recovery night at church that I’ve been helping out with.  Having only 30 minutes to prepare I was a bit nervous…ok I was REALLY nervous.  Typically before I get up and teach or speak I prepare, visualize, practice, etc.  In 30 minutes I was basically able to quickly learn the material and look over it once.  As soon as I began I was totally at ease and was so empowered by teaching, I forgot what that felt like, and it really felt good.  I know God has gifted me with teaching and I know it was by His grace that I was able to give the talk last night, so last minute.  I’m thankful that he used a bad situation to remind me what recharges me, AND he showed me that teaching in a classroom may not be what He designed me for.  He hasn’t forgotten about me, He’s just reshaping me for His purposes.

Fall is HERE!!

September 21, 2009

Today officially marks the first day of Fall.  Goodbye summer….I didn’t really enjoy you much this year!  I LOVE fall, there is no other season that even comes close to it.  The leaves turning colors, the crisp air, the need to wear a sweater in the evenings.  And I can’t forget the ability to wear BOOTS, yes I know people now wear boots with shorts, but I am totally not into that and probably won’t hop on that trend train.  I wonder how much your birthday determines the season you enjoy the most.  I was born in October and I just think it’s the best month ever…do I love October because it’s my birthday month or do I just love October because it’s AWESOME??  Does your birthday fall during your favorite season??

The blog is not quite what I want it to be, we are still going to do some design stuff, but I’ve had a few people ask me about where they can find the blog so here it is I will probably post everyday, I hope it inspires you and convinces you that YOU CAN DO whatever it is that you want to do, I’m not a runner, but I’m going to be!

I missed it!

September 17, 2009

Oops, yesterday I was going to post an anniversary post…I can’t believe we started this thing a year ago, my how time flies!! I hope you’ve had a great year with us as we chronicle our lives on this thing!


September 17, 2009

I am doing scheduling for work and I just realized my birthday is in 2 WEEKS!! I feel like I’m starting to get older and I’m beginning to dread birthdays! I am excited though because my birthday falls on a Saturday this year, only happens once every 7 years or so and I always love it! Any suggestions on what we should do?? Let’s go big in case it’s my last while living in the C-U…not saying it is going to be my last one living here, but there is a chance that next year we will be celebrating in a new location!! I’m thinking I should probably have a birthday week…what do you think Jenna?

Writer’s Block

September 15, 2009

This week I’ve had numerous things that have come up and I’ve thought, ” I so have to blog about that.”  Then once I actually get in front of a computer I completely forget what I want to write about so I apologize for the lack of quality material.  I’m starting to get into the rhythm of my new job and what life looks like when you only get to hang out with your husband 4 nights a week instead of 7, I know I really shouldn’t complain.  So pardon my crappy posts from the last couple weeks and I am really looking forward to getting some kind of daily routine down.  Also I just started a new blog this week in order to journal Andrew and my adventures of training for runs.  I don’t want this blog to become about our training so I’m working on a new blog for people who want to follow along, perhaps get inspired, or train alongside of us!  I’ll announce that hopefully tomorrow once it is to my liking 🙂  Have a great day!!

Supermarket Sweep

September 14, 2009

Remember that show?  I do, it was one of my favorite game shows to watch as a child.  The contestants lined up with there carts, the host yelled GO and they were off through the supermarket picking up as many things as possible.  That was us last night.  After a long day we realized we HAD to go to the grocery store or we would have nothing to eat today.  We loaded in the car moaning and groaning not even sort of wanting to go.  When we got there I looked and Andrew and said, “OK 30 minutes start to finish let’s go.”  I started getting our toiletries while Andrew started in the dairy. I was speed walking through the store, I’m sure I was getting strange looks, but I didn’t care, I had a deadline.  We buzzed around the store, getting slowed down not being able to find certain things on our diet and I totally felt like I was on the television show.  I tried to find the no sugar added spaghetti sauce and after looking for nearly 3 minutes I finally gave up because I couldn’t stand to lose time looking any longer.  We rounded to the check out with 10 minutes left and lo and behold there was NO LINE, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  We checked out in five minutes, loaded up the car and pulled away with an astonishing 2 minutes to spare!!!  From now on we must make these goals, it was so much more pleasant than our usual 2 hour shopping event.

It’s a Start

September 10, 2009

After watching my brother accomplish so much I decided I needed to set some sort of goal.  I thought what is the biggest thing I think I could physically do SOME DAY and I landed on a half marathon.  My brother says its best to build up to your final goal so goal number 1 is to run a 5K.  This morning we started the “training for a 5K.”  This morning I ran/jogged a whopping 3/4 of a mile before I thought my lungs were going to collapse.  I’m not discouraged though because you have to start somewhere and now my goal is to get a mile by this time next week.  I gotta train my lungs to not burn so bad and just build up my endurance…the half marathon is not in my near future, but perhaps the 5K will be right around the corner….we’ll see and keep you updated on our running progress.  BTW Andrew can already relatively easily do a 5K, but he’s help me get caught up…what a sweet husband.