And We’re off…

July 27, 2009

to a great week!  Andrew’s parents arrived yesterday evening and our week is in full swing.  I went home for lunch today and within a half an hour his father had begun digging, fit the pond in the hole, filled the pond with water and filled in the gaps with soil.  It is so exciting to see something my mom has wanted for so long finally come to fruition.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I get home tonight!  We are having a dinner at our apartment tonight and then walking (or driving) to Cozy’s Custard to introduce them to the incredible World of custard (they have never tasted it!)  I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell you what I think about the Lincoln Museum when I get home!


A Whole Lot of Cool

July 24, 2009

I’m not quiet sure what we were talking about at small group on Wednesday night, but Andrew responded, ” that’s a whole lot of cool.”  I like the phrase and I’m hoping it spreads across the World so get to it people, start using it!  I know about 8 people who will be trying to work it into their conversations this week and I would love to add you to this short list.

1. Andrew’s parents are coming next week, and it’s shaping up to look like a fun week, we are planning a mini trip on Tuesday to Springfield.    I’ve been anxiously awaiting a trip to the Lincoln Museum and Tuesday will FINALLY be the day!  It’s also my mother’s birthday. We have meals planned, and a mini cookout for them to meet some of our friends. His father (weather permitting) is building my mom a pond, how cool is that?  She has wanted one for years and is finally getting one!  My in-laws are pretty stinking cool, and probably better than yours 🙂

2. July 31st is my last official day at the store.  I know it will be totally bitter sweet, but it will be a relief to cut back one of my jobs, oh and I’m doing my last booked wedding for the year this weekend so I’ll be down from “4 jobs” to only 2!

3. My mom is taking me on a girls overnight the first weekend of August.  We are going to Indianapolis and getting pedicures and I’m sure doing other fun stuff.  My wedding was my last pedicure so you can imagine how excited I am to get one of those!

4. My ANNIVERSARY TRIP.  That’s right people in just 3 weeks Andrew and I will have been married for ONE YEAR!  We are going to St. Louis for a full weekend.  Staying in a swanky hotel and eating at my favorite place from growing up there…pending they are still in business.  I can’t wait for a weekend of no cell phones, no Internet and a lot of quality time.

5. Breakfast with some good friends, one of my good college friends is coming to town on the 15th and will be eating breakfast with us on the 16th, I can’t wait to catch up with her and her incredible hubby!  She is the kind of friend that you can not talk to for 6 months and pick up where you left off.

6. My brother coming home!  Kevin will be in the C-U area for a few weeks and I can’t wait to spend some quality time, catching up, hanging out, and laughing my butt off.  He is a character and is hands down one of my favorite people, I treasure the time we spend together.

7.  And to top off August, we will be attending the Ironman Triathlon in Louisville, Kentucky to cheer Kevin on in his first full Ironman.  I can’t wait to get away, be wrapped up in the beauty of Kentucky, spend time with friends and family AND cheer Kevin on for 11 hours.  It will be a wonderful trip.

If you haven’t picked up on it, I’m REALLY looking forward to August.  I think it will be a time of refreshment for Andrew and Me.

Pee Pee on the Potty

July 19, 2009

Today while at work I had a little boy yell pee pee on the potty mommy. I quickly showed them where the bathroom was and they ran to make it in time. As they were in the bathroom I looked down where he was standing and realized as he was yelling pee pee on the potty he actually meant I’m peeing right now where I’m standing. So today at work I cleaned pee up off the floor. The funny thing is it didn’t really phase me because I think kids are so stinking cute!

Last Saturday

July 18, 2009

Before I write this next post I want to let you know that Mark was my only participant in our 100th post giveaway, so Mark let me know what you want to win, a loaf of chocolate or cinnamon bread,  or a bag of bread starter.  I’ll bring it to you tomorrow 🙂

This morning was my LAST SATURDAY morning to wake up to go to work.  As I lay in bed fighting with my alarm I thought about all the things I’m looking forward to doing on Saturday mornings!  I can’t wait to lay in bed and snuggle.  This is something I’ve only had the privilege of doing maybe 3 times in the last year.  I am really looking forward to going to a garage sale or two.  I love to look at what other people are getting rid of.  As a child I always loved garage sale Saturdays at my parents house and I hope I get to help host one in August.  I am anxiously awaiting the Saturday I can stay home all morning and clean our apartment and then spend all afternoon doing whatever we want.  Cleaning seems to be the last thing on our priority list, but I think it will crawl up the list as we have more free Saturdays.  I can’t wait to eat Breakfast at the table again with my husband.  Our first 6 months of marriage we ate breakfast together nearly every morning at the table.  When our work schedules got earlier we gave this up, so at least now we’ll have it on Saturdays.  Chocolate chip pancakes, here we come.  Over the last year I’ve learned how valuable Saturdays are.  I don’t know if I’ll work a job again that expects me to work Saturdays.  I think it makes for a rough week of not feeling refreshed.  Tomorrow will be my last Sunday working at the store and it really excites me to begin closing this chapter of my life.  I’ve learned a lot working here and honestly have enjoyed working part time here over the last month.  I’m sure I’ll have a long post when this job is over, I’ll want to reflect on what I learned and I’ll want to remember the good times I’ve had. 

This afternoon Andrew and I are going to the showcase of homes, shopping, making returns, baking bread and spending time together, I CAN’T WAIT!  I hope this post finds you spending a Saturday with the ones you love!

100 and 1

July 14, 2009

So for the last couple weeks I’ve been waiting to post our 100th post with a small giveaway.  That’s right we just celebrated our 100th post on here and we just started this little thing last September!  I got on today to do the post and I saw that we already had 100, I couldn’t figure out how this possibly happened and then I saw it…Andrew snuck a post in without me knowing!  Oh well here’s to 100 and 1.  Many of the blogs I follow do giveaways frequently.  Seeing as they are either sponsored or possibly wealthy I do realize I cannot keep up with them, but I can do a giveaway this week.  So here it is…simply post a comment telling me what your favorite post has been over the last 100 and you are entered to win your choice of 2 things.  I will either give you a friendship bread starter and instructions for you to make your own bread OR I will bake you your choice of cinnamon friendship bread or chocolate friendship bread.  It really makes the perfect breakfast or dessert!  If you haven’t heard of friendship bread click here for a little lesson. Obviously the one stipulation to win is you have to be in the C-U area because I have to be able to drive it to you!  I look forward to comments…please post them 🙂

Prescription costs

July 13, 2009

A word from Andrew…

This weekend we had an unfortunate circumstance that calls for a blog posting! I think most people are aware of bad practices in healthcare and pharmaceuticals in the United States. As a scientist, I tend to side with the “man” as I understand the high costs that are associated with developing new treatments for various illnesses. Many companies spend millions (or billions) of dollars over decades, only to cancel the development of a new drug when clinical trials go poorly.

Nevertheless, there is an evil middleman I’d love to highlight today: pharmacies! Not all pharmacies are bad. Laura’s aunt is a great pharmacist, and our friend’s dad owns two pharmacies. The problem with pharmacies centers on inconsistencies in pricing. I’ll start with our event from this weekend. Both Laura and I have terrible problems with acid reflux, and are prescribed omeprazole (Prilosec). I’ve been taking it for about 6 months, and I fill it at the university pharmacy. Granted, they are not trying to make a profit on the students, but I pay $5 for each prescription. I asked the doctor to double my presciption so I wouldn’t have to refill it as often, so I actually get an extra month out of that $5. Meanwhile, Laura was recently prescribed the same medication. I went to Walgreens and, as I normally do for her, pulled through the drive-through and requested her prescription. The pharmacy tech quickly confirmed with a price (one-fifty-seven or something like that) and I nodded in routine. As I was pulling out of the lane, I thought about what she said. Then I looked at the reciept. Yep. $157 for omeprazole. WHAT! Something was clearly wrong. So I parked the car and went into the store. On my way to the pharmacy I checked out the over-the-counter omeprazole price. $18 for 38 pills – about $60 for her prescription. So I approached the pharmacy. As the tech who had just handed me my prescription watched, an 18-year old explained to me that I couldn’t return the pills because they had left the store. Granted, if I had picked them up at that desk and walked out, I could have walked back in and returned them without problem. Was that price correct? Yep.

Furious, I went home and told Laura. She called her aunt who confirmed the legal implications of the pharmacy drive-through window. Ugh. I just got off the phone with another Walgreens in town, who confirmed the price of Laura’s prescription. They also told me that they carried omeprazole tablets (Laura had received capsules), which are what you get over the counter. $67. Laura’s doctor had not specified (to our knowledge) the pill form, and while this person indicated they would automatically prescribe the cheaper option, Laura was not given this convenience!

I’ve been pretty passionate against things in the past few months I view as taking advantage of Laura, myself, and others close to me. Some events are purely accidents, but others are blatant attempts to inconvenience us for profit or pleasure of others. To an extent, I think Jesus wants me to turn the other cheek. But, there is a point where it is just unacceptable for more powerful individuals and corporations to take advantage of us. We are intelligent people who should not be subjected to these circumstances (nor should anyone else!). I’m not sure if we’re going to fight this battle with Walgreens, but it has taught me that we need to shop around for prescriptions. It also taught me to be on my toes at all times. I don’t want to have the attitude that everyone is out to get us, but I do need to be more careful!

It’s Late

July 13, 2009

So It’s 12:15 and I’m sitting down to write a post because if I don’t do it tonight it might not happen this week.  We are busy.  This really isn’t a bad thing, we like to have a lot going on in our lives, but it is almost out of control lately.  This week we dog sat my parent’s dog until Tuesday at 1:00 and started dog sitting a puppy that night.  The puppy’s parents took him back today and Andrew and I took a LONG nap!  On top of puppy sitting I had a huge wedding to do.  I also worked 40 hours atmy other jobs and taught my last Sunday school this morning.  We had a meeting at 12:30 and then we went to church at 5:00.  To top it off we had a late night out on Saturday and a week of NO down time.  I am not complaining, but this is getting ridiculous.  Heads up for the next week.  Monday: Meeting, Tuesday: Hangout with friends, Wednesday: Small Group, Thursday: Girl/Guy Night, Friday: Out with Parent’s for dad’s birthday, Saturday: I’m hoping to spend time with my main squeeze…we’ll see if that works out!  I hope I didn’t exhaust you with this post.  If my posting is sporatic the next few weeks you know why!  I miss blogging and I need to prioritize it better into my life.  Heads up, the next post will have a giveaway attached so check back soon and get ready to enter to win!!

Pretty Awesome Deal

July 7, 2009

So Andrew and I have been making some changes, many of you know about them, but basically the biggest change is come August we will be taking a pay cut so I am able to intern at the church and learn more about things I want to know.  With this new change also comes some cut backs on our part.  One thing I always hate paying for is hair cuts.  I have someone I like going to, but she is $40 and then with a tip you can barely walk out without spending a small fortune.  So I thought hmm I guess I can give up cutting my hair…wrong, it looks bad after a while.  So Andrew suggested I go to Regency, the cosmetology school in town and let them cut my hair for $9.  I was a little bit leary, but thought, “what the heck, it can’t be worse than not getting it cut. ” I went yesterday and got my hair cut….by an instructor….and have one of the best cuts I’ve ever had.  He said this was his $60 signature cut and I got it for $9.  I think someone up there is watching out for me as we make these small sacrifices to better our lives!

My New Home

July 5, 2009

So over the last two years I’ve (Laura) been straddling two churches.  The church I grew up in and the church Andrew and I belong to.  I struggled with the thought of leaving my church of 15 years because I built many relationships there.  I am loved by many families and I love the people there.  I have worried that if I leave this place I will no longer have that feeling of coming home I had each time I walked in the door.  This has been a place I’ve wanted to be during some of the hardest times of my life and these people have surrounded me with love and prayers.  Over the last couple months I have felt like I have been released to leave this church home and pledge the Vineyard as my new church home.  I became a member about a year ago, but still didn’t feel like it was home until last night.  After an incredibly empowering service people stuck around and prayed for each other, during this time I just sat and watched and wrote this list:

Why Vineyard is home:

Families pray together.  Right in front of me there is a family of four praying together and the little girls are laying their hands on their mom and praying for healing for her. 

People rejoice out loud when they see prayers answered and healing happen.  To my left there are ladies praying together.  One woman’s prayer was answered (not sure what it was) and one of the women praying for her (probably in her sixties) began jumping up and down and shouting for joy because she just aided Jesus in a miracle.  Watching that made tears of joy well up in my eyes.  I was witnessing miracles all around the room.  Some woman behind me had pain for 10 years and last night her pain went from an 11 to a ZERO!

Worship is continuous.  After the actual worship set people probably stuck around for another hour or two worshiping and praying for people.  There is no time limit for allowing God to work.

People pray for each other.  Last night I watched tons of groups of people pray for one another.  As soon as someone finished receiving prayer they turned to pray for the person who had just prayed for them.  Believe me when I say the tears were flowing!

Little leaguers team up with major leaguers.  There is an awesome woman in the church who desires to train up the “little leagers.”  She is a power house and someone I respect greatly for her wisdom and discernment.  As I watched her move around the room last night she was just helping people pray for one another.  She wants to see the younger generations rise up as leaders and she daily commits to assisting this.  She is definitely not the only one, but she is the one I know the best and see living it out the most.

So there was my list that I wrote in about 5 minutes of experiencing God’s presence last night.  Oh and about the whole not feeling like I had family at this church, last night we sat next to our mentors and they call us our kids and they pray for us every single day.  If that’s not family, I don’t know what is.

So I’ve been sitting here now for a half hour contemplating whether or not to post this.  My intention with this post is not in any way to dishonor the church I’m leaving or hurt anyone’s feelings.  I know that people encounter God in many different ways and in many different places.  I just feel like He wants me at Vineyard.  This post is not to try to convince people to leave there church and come to mine, rather it is just to remember this time where I finally felt like I was home at the place I have so desperately wanted to call home.