June 20, 2009

Last night’s storms were not friendly to our neighborhood.  Within minutes of  the storm hitting our streets were covered in leaves and branches.  We didn’t really think much of it and went to Noodles for dinner.  When we pulled into our parking lot we saw lots of limbs hanging down and decided not to park there in fear that our car would be crushed by the clearly unstable tree.  Upon further inspection we discovered our neighbor’s tree had been struck by lightning and was split in half.  The black charred marks on the tree gave us the hint that is wasn’t just wind.  This caused the tree to fall over on our power lines.  Then the domino effect began, the power lines became so heavy that they were pulling down the power line poles.  The power company had no choice but to trim back the trees in order to save their poles and lines.  Somehow the little bit of tree that was left from the last storm was sacrificed for the cause and now our backyard is bare.  Where there once was a lush tree that shaded our window and made our room feel private there is now wide open space.  We are also now without power and hope that sometime this evening we will get it back, no power=no air=HOT!  We stayed the night at my parents because I cannot tolerate that kind of heat when I sleep.  The heat I produce when I sleep is a whole other story for another post another day!


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