On the Flip Side

June 7, 2009

So we made it to the other side of the weekend!  I worked about a 10 hour day yesterday with Andrew on the wedding flowers.  They turned out beautiful, almost perfect.  There is a moment in creating where your vision becomes a reality and it is truly something spectacular to see the look on the bride’s face when you present them with a beautiful creation.  Unfortunately yesterday I missed this moment because I was rushing around doing a million other things, but Andrew deserved it.  He told me after he gave the bride her bouquet that he probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I would, but I’m still glad he got to experience the moment.  He works really hard on these weddings.  Usually he works mostly on calming me down because I’m panicking that I’m not going to make things perfect for them.  Not this time though, I was relatively calm until about hour ZERO.  This is what we call the last hour I have to work on something before the van needs to be packed up.  I think when hour zero hit I still had 2 bridesmaid bouquets to finish and 10 huge boxes that needed to be loaded…panic set in. Looking back on the wedding I want to highlight some of the things that were made possible by my sponsor…Jesus

1.  Our mode of transportation broke down on Thursday, that night I had a dream that Andrew started it up and it worked just fine.  I woke up and prayed that the dream would become reality and when the tow truck arrived the driver asked if he could try one thing before he towed it.  My dad obliged and guess what…the van was TOTALLY fixed!  Thanks Jesus.

2.  Thursday night I opened the refrigerator to reveal 6000 rose petals in fuchsia, salmon, and light pink.  The wedding colors were persimmon, yellow, and orange hues.  These were not the rose petals I ordered, the pink ones would just not work.  After panicking and actually crying for a few minutes we were able to be proactive and get this mess fixed.  Apparently the company had a computer glitch and they fixed it as quickly as they possibly could.  The proper colored petals arrived at 10:30 Saturday morning! Thanks Jesus.

3.  I had about 10 inches of tape left and really had no idea how I would finish the corsages without buying a new roll.  All I wanted to do was finish the corsages before I went home on Friday night.  So we just prayed that the tape would stretch so I could complete my project.  I finished with one inch to spare! Thanks Jesus.

I couldn’t have done this one without my parents and Andrew.  They really came through in many different ways.  Providing a place to assemble flowers, providing meals, running around to pick up last minute items, allowing us to use their van, and the list could go on and on.  I hope I’m this tolerant someday when we have kids and they come up with zany ideas that they are going to make huge messes and bite off slightly more than they can chew.


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