Our dear friends got married this weekend and Andrew and I were both in the wedding.  One of the many reasons I haven’t posted in almost a week.  The colors were so much fun, that mixed with great photographers and I have a feeling their pictures will be STELLAR!  I can’t wait to see some of them.  We had the rehearsal at my parents on Friday, the wedding and small reception at Kennedy’s on Saturday and to top it off a second huge reception on Sunday at the Urbana Civic Center.  It was a busy busy weekend filled with friends, food, and fun.  I am so glad we were blessed to be a part of this day, but I’m not going to lie, I’m glad this was my last wedding to be in this summer.  Andrew has one more at the end of July and then August is WEDDING FREE!!!


New Craving

June 25, 2009

So last night was our friend’s bachelor party hosted at our apartment.  When I arrived home around 11:00 there was a slice of pizza left and it looked interesting so I tried it.  Oh My Word this is now one of my favorite foods and it is something I know I’m going to crave.  It is the Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  The funny thing about this is that I’ve never really liked anything about Papa Murphy’s pizza, I don’t really see the big appeal, but now that I’ve had a slice of heaven I am going to have to go back for more!

It’s Official

June 23, 2009

I have a new job and I started today.  I was a little nervous when I got up this morning, but after working this morning I really think I have found something that will fulfill me on a daily basis.  I am now the office manager for Wesley Romine Painting.  They are the company that is doing the Orpheum Children’s theater downtown and I am so excited to be working for such a high end class act company.  They aim to please and I am so blessed that God gave me this gift of working with a company I believe in and is going to allow me to have a semi-flexible schedule to accomodate the intership I’ll be doing at the Vineyard church come September pending all the tests come back well!  I am thrilled to start this new chapter of my life!!

If you live where we live you are all well aware of the amount of moisture in the air currently.  It is so moist in fact that each time I exit a building my glasses fog up so badly that I cannot see.  It is also so humid that there is absolutely no point in doing your hair.  Ladies you are completely validated in the “natural look” this week.  I just looked up the weather for here and then where we hope to relocate next year (Austin,TX) and here’s the status… Here: 90 degrees FEELS LIKE 102…humidity 64%  I feel like that is low compared to other days this week.  Austin 97 degree FEELS LIKE 100…humidity 35%.  In summary it actually feels cooler in Texas, so next time one of you tells us that you would NEVER move to Texas because it is SO HOT rethink your words.  Not only does it feel hotter here on many days, it is also so humid you sweat so much more and look and feel so much worse.  Austin 2010, I hope!


June 20, 2009

Last night’s storms were not friendly to our neighborhood.  Within minutes of  the storm hitting our streets were covered in leaves and branches.  We didn’t really think much of it and went to Noodles for dinner.  When we pulled into our parking lot we saw lots of limbs hanging down and decided not to park there in fear that our car would be crushed by the clearly unstable tree.  Upon further inspection we discovered our neighbor’s tree had been struck by lightning and was split in half.  The black charred marks on the tree gave us the hint that is wasn’t just wind.  This caused the tree to fall over on our power lines.  Then the domino effect began, the power lines became so heavy that they were pulling down the power line poles.  The power company had no choice but to trim back the trees in order to save their poles and lines.  Somehow the little bit of tree that was left from the last storm was sacrificed for the cause and now our backyard is bare.  Where there once was a lush tree that shaded our window and made our room feel private there is now wide open space.  We are also now without power and hope that sometime this evening we will get it back, no power=no air=HOT!  We stayed the night at my parents because I cannot tolerate that kind of heat when I sleep.  The heat I produce when I sleep is a whole other story for another post another day!

It’s hot today, like the hottest day we’ve had since last summer.  I know that doesn’t really seem like a big deal unless of course your air conditioning at work doesn’t work.  If it is 95 degrees outside and the wind is blowing,  imagine what 80 degrees and no crosswind feels like.  Unfortunately I did not have to imagine this feeling because I got to experience this from 9-2 today.  The thermostat has read 77 most of the week, but topped out at 81 today and that’s when I threw in the towel.  I had to call the repair man and get this dilemna fixed!  Within 30 minutes the air was pumping and I am just now beginning to get my motivation back.  It’s hard to work when you are so hot you can’t even type on the computer without sweat dripping off the tips of your fingers.  Kudos to those of you out there brave enough to live somewhere without air or make the eco-friendly choice to not use it…you are better than me and I have no problem admitting it!  I love air conditioning!!!!

Clothing for Dogs

June 18, 2009

Okay before you have an opinion about thispost and putting clothes on your dogs you have to check out this new clothing line for dogs and their owners.  This site is being officially launched July 21st so until it is official you can get 25% off your purchase.  The mastermind behind this site is my brothers roommate from living in Chicago.  When we went to the Boston marathon he met us out there and told us all about this new business venture.  I told him as soon as he launched the site I had to know so I could inform all of you about this hilarious twist on doggy apparel.  I will be honest I am not a dog clothing kind of person, but if I had one I think I would have my dog wear this t-shirt:


And then I would have this shirt to match:



Check it out and let me know what you think and what your favorite t-shirt on here is.

A Quick Summary

June 17, 2009

Okay so obviously it’s been a week since I last posted so if you didn’t already know you do now that we were out of town.  I so wanted to post about our trip during our trip, but there were two problems. 1. We were incredibly busy and 2. with all the crazy psychos out there they say you should never tell people you don’t know that you are out of town.  Since I don’t know who reads this I have to assume that there is at least one crazy person out there who reads this (no offense) and therefore I kept it quiet that we were away!  So for those of you interested I’ll give you a day by day play by play.  By the way the trip was for my best friend’s little sister’s wedding.  So she is the closest thing to a little sister that I have.

Thursday:  This was mostly a travel day.  We left at noon and arrived around 8:00pm to Frankfort, Michigan.  When we got there we were served an awesome lasagna dinner and had a great time just hanging out.

Friday:  This was pretty much a lazy day which was kind of like the calm before a storm (in this case a good storm, but a wedding is kind of a storm).  We sat out on the dock for a couple hours and got more sun than intended.  Then we ate some lunch and headed to the beach.  After about 2 hours Andrew and I decided we were done with walking along the beach and the sand dunes weren’t really appealing to us either.  Sand is not exactly my cup of tea in the first place and so by proxy climbing sand dunes is definitely not on the top of my list of fun activities.  Andrew and I headed back to the house with another family and relaxed for a couple hours before the rehearsal dinner.  We had a great dinner at this little restaurant in a nearby town (or maybe the same town, I’m not really sure).  The night was filled with sweet toasts from family members and a great time was had by all.  We then went to this really awesome beach to watch a beautiful sunset.  Oh I wish we lived closer to a beach for nights like these…if only they didn’t have sand!

Saturday was a busy day!  We got up and had a hot breakfast all together.  After breakfast was cleaned up Andrew and I stayed at the cottage and started working on flowers while the ladies went into town to get their nails done and the boys went on a canoe trip.  I worked on the flowers pretty much all day breaking for lunch and then the rehearsal and the cookout.  The rehearsal was wonderful and laid back on the beach where the wedding would take place.  I got to sing Everything by Micheal Buble during the sand ceremony and communion.  This song choice was extra special to me because it is Andrew and my song.  I don’t know if I even sang the song at the rehearsal I can’t remember, but anyway the reheasal was short and sweet with actually a lot of tears.  I think this was the most emotional rehearsal I’ve ever witnessed, but I think it helped the wedding day be less emotional… at least for the bride and groom.  After we returned to the cottage the ladies started working on the wedding cake.  Yes…the wedding cake was made by the women of the house and it was no small feat, but actually turned out great and I think was kind of fun to make.  I didn’t do a whole lot for the wedding cake because I was still frantically working on the flowers at this point 🙂

Sunday a.k.a. Wedding Day!  We woke up whenever and started preparing for the wedding.  Andrew and I spent an hour or so at the beach wrapping the “huppa”/canopy with the Bride’s aunt.  It turned out REALLY cool.  We then finished up the flowers and the cake and finished getting ready about 5 minutes before the ceremony started.  The ceremony was quite possibly the sweetest ceremony I’ve ever been to in my life and I am not exaggerating.  I managed to keep the crying at bay only because I knew I had to sing and I didn’t want to be choked up while I was singing my song.  Right before the ring ceremony Erica walked up to her dad and gave him her purity ring and thanked him for always protecting her at that point I’m pretty sure the flood gates opened up and there were no longer any dry eyes in the place.  Zak sang Erica a sweet song that he wrote.  Luckily it was not a real tear jerker song so everyone was able to regain their composure at that point.  They wrote their own vows which was too sweet for words.  Oh and Erica was donning a beautiful diamond necklace that Zak surprised her with on their wedding day…sweetest gesture ever!  I must say the wedding day turned out perfect and ended with the wedding guests and bride a groom on the beach at sunset…perfect!

Monday We packed up, cleaned up and headed home.  I was really not ready for this part, but every good thing must come to an end.  We arrived home around 7:00 and all headed our separate ways.

Tuesday morning was pretty lonely, but I’m adjusting to life with just two of us again.  I’m definitely looking forward to our reunion on Saturday at Erica and Zak’s reception here in town!!

Sorry if this post bored you…this blog is a place where Andrew and I can record our lives so we can look back on it someday and remember good times.  This post was pretty much for us, but it does give you an update on what we have been up to.

Campbell, Like the Soup

June 10, 2009

Since getting married I have had to spell my name almost on a daily basis.  I thought marrying someone with the same last name as the most popular soup brand on the planet I would be exempt from this annoying task.  I have found that most people don’t read their soup labels!  I asked our friends with the last name Brown if they had to spell their name all the time…they don’t, so at least people know how to spell their colors.  They suggested to make this task of spelling my last name less tedious I should create a theme each time I spell my name and assign each letter to a word in that theme.  Their first suggestion was medical terms so here goes nothing…

C as in cauterization

A as in aneurysm

M as in meningitis

P as in pneumonia (that one will really throw them off)

B as in bells palsy

E as in epilepsy

L as in laryngitis

L as in lymphoma

So next time you find yourself annoyed with having to spell your name for the thousandth time, remember this fun little tip to make yourself chuckle as you spell out your name! Lucky for me I can sometimes get away with just saying Campbell, like the soup.

Flower Pictures

June 8, 2009

So it’s been a long time coming, but there are some flower pictures up on my blogspot from the last 3 weddings.  I’m still recovering from the last one…new post to come very soon!