May 19, 2009

There Andrew, are you happy, I said it.  For the past year and a half (basically since I’ve known Andrew) I’ve been pestering him to get a new driver’s license.  He switched over his license plate so we at least have Illinois plates, but did not want to change his license partly because he didn’t want to take the test and partly (perhaps the bigger part) because he didn’t want to be an official midwesterner.  I told him it was illegal to drive with mismatched license plate and license, but he ignored me…what a surprise.  Well the time has come that he either has to fly to Massachussetts to renew his license or bite the bullet, take the test and become an official Illinois resident.  His license expires in 8 days, on his birthday.  Before this whole ordeal is over he felt the need to research this notion that he has been driving illegally for the last year which resulted in this e-mail entitled Technically Speaking:

I am reading the Illinois rules of the road, and there IS an exemption for college students with out-of-state licenses. Page 15 says that all college/university students may drive with a valid out-of-state license. Obviously, I have to change mine this month since it expires, but I have not been driving illegally for the past 4 years…
Just thought you’d like to know 🙂

Andrew Campbell

By the way he chose the test/new license option.  Flying to Massachussetts this week doesn’t quite fit into our budget or work schedule.  So Andrew…Welcome to Illinois!


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