Proud of this Man!

April 27, 2009

So I got to thinking about the posts following our trip to Boston and realized I got so wrapped up in our horrible trip home I forgot to post about how amazing my brother Kevin is!  My brother started training a couple years ago for races.  He started small…the CU mini triathlon i.e. 400 meter swim, 6 mile bike, and 2 mile run.  This is something I’m almost certain I could not do.  Okay I take that back, there are many children that do this race so I’m sure I could do it, but would probably want to die afterwards.  After this he started to train for races here and there. a 10 Mile run in Chicago, another short triathlon, perhaps a half marathon, and then the Austin Marathon.  I was privileged enough to get to fly down to Texas February of 2008 to watch Kevin AND my brother Bryan run the marathon.  At our pasta dinner the night before the race we asked the boys what their goals were for the race.  Bryan’s was to finish with his friend Chad and Kevin’s was to qualify for Boston.

For those of you who don’t know the Boston marathon is a race with relatively tough qualifying times.  Kevin would have to run a 3:10 in order to qualify.  This being his first marathon we thought this was a huge goal, but we encouraged him and believed he could do it.  At mile 13 he was still on pace and finished with a qualifying time that got him in with seconds to spare.  We were THRILLED for him.  At that moment I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my brother was amazing.

He didn’t stop there.  In October he completed a half Ironman.  I’m not totally sure what the breakdown is, but it is 70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running.  I know it ends with a half marathon.  He finished in good time and was immediately pumped to do a full some day.  That’s right people: 140.6 miles of complete body exertion.  In fact he is set to do this in Kentucky on August 30th.  We are gathering a group to go down and cheer him on.  He says it should take him around 11 hours, I’m sure this will take TONS of training!

So that brings me to the Boston Marathon this year.  Andrew and I were at mile 22 and I kid you not he looked like he hadn’t even broken a sweat.  The pictures of him flexing below are at that mile mark and he looked like he was having a blast.  The people around him looked like they were tired, but Kevin was joking around and looking sharp!  The whole race was awesome to watch.  We got to see all the wheelchair athletes.  4 of which were from UofI so that was really fun to cheer for them.  Then a man who had two prosthetic legs ran by and totally amazed us all.  I unfortunately did not get to see Team Hoyt, but was glad Kevin was able to see these incredible men of inspiration.  If you’ve never seen a video of this dynamic duo click here.  It was their 1000th race! 

Kevin inspires me (and Andrew).  When we arrived home we set out to get healthier.  We may never run a marathon, but we do want to be happier people and I know fitness and nutrition will help this.  I’m bursting with pride for Kevin.  I wish we lived closer, I really do miss him on a daily basis. I’m hoping he will be able to come home for a couple months this summer while he trains for the Ironman and whips Andrew and I into shape.  Here are a few pictures of Kevin at the Boston, oh and I forgot to mention he finished in 3:04 which is very unusual. Most people do not requalify for the next year, but he went above and beyond and beat his previous time!  He truly is AMAZING!!




2 Responses to “Proud of this Man!”

  1. Gabe said

    After running so much here in Guatemala, I fully plan on sticking to a regular running routine back in Champaign and would love to have some company. Granted, I could never whip you into the shape that Kevin could, but at the very least, you’d have regular support and a schedule to stick to.

    Let me know, running solo gets boring!

  2. Cindy Campbell said

    I think I was the one who took that picture.
    Not bad!

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