Spring Cleaning!

March 19, 2009

Yesterday was my day off so I decided to ask Andrew to take the day off.  I really don’t do this very often, but knowing he’ll be gone next week I wanted to get to spend a whole day with him.  So he took the day off and we cleaned for at least 5 hours.  I was blessed to marry someone who is probably a more thoroughcleaner than me!  We had never really deep cleaned our apartment in 7 months, I would venture to say most people didn’t look at our apartment with disgust, but when you get down to it, it was filthy.  I know all you mom’s and grandma’s out there will cringe at this next little fact….yesterday was the first time since we moved in over 7 months ago that I cleaned the bathtub.  We have one of those automatic shower cleaners, so it kind of gets cleaned on a daily basis, but as far as srubbing on hands and knees, yesterday was my first rodeo!  I will say even after all this time there was still not a smudge of dirt or grime in that tub so the daily spray must be doing its job. 

We also checked other jobs off our list yesterday, I made some phonecalls, we painted touchups, and then accomplished something we have been putting off for 6 months!  We purchased an antique door months ago to make into a full length mirror.  I was dreading the cost of it and the hassle of borrowing the van to take it over there.  When we arrived they told us it would be $125 total!  This seems like an incredible deal to me AND I just got a phone call that it is ready for pick up.  I’ve gone 7 months without a full length mirror and all it would have taken was$125 and 24 hours!  I can’t wait to pick  it up!  Hopefully we’ll be better about posting pictures and you’ll be able to see this masterpiece tomorrow!


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