Opposites Attract

March 12, 2009

So they say opposites attract and I couldn’t agree more.  Andrew and I are about as opposite as you get.  He’s booksmart, I’m street smart.  He’s an introvert, I’m an extrovert.  He enjoys the finer things in life, I get a bigger thrill out of super sales.  The list could go on, and on, and on, but I’ll spare you.  We notice a major difference in the two of us in the mornings.  You definitely can’t identify either of us as a “morning person”, but it seems that when Andrew is up in the morning I am down and vice versa.  We have been getting up in the morning and walking.  Half the time Andrew gets up and cheerfully greets me, coaxes me out of bed and cheers me on throughout our walk.  The other days I perform the same routine as he moans and groans.  Yesterday was the perfect example.  We didn’t get up and walk, but rather took a walk/jog when I got home from work.  It’s cold here right now, something to the tune of 30 degrees.  I was not a happy camper when we got outside and my legs began to burn from the bitter cold.  Somehow it was Andrew’s turn to be peppy.  The duration of the jog he cheered, threw his arms up, chanted you’re doing great, and pretty much looked ridiculous to all onlookers.  I moaned and groaned, huffed and puffed, and used the term I can’t probably 10 times.  It’s times like these when I wonder, “how is it that God perfectly orchestrated our lives so we are constant cheerleaders for each other?”  Rarely, if ever, have we both been in a bad mood at the same time.  How awesome is it that God gave me someone to pick me up when I am down and gives me the strength to do the same for Andrew?  I hope this post finds you in the same position…in relationships with people who build you up!


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