New notebook!

March 10, 2009

Today I turned a new leaf of sorts…I started my second lab notebook! The lab notebook is sort of a measure of how productive you are as a scientist. It doesn’t necessarily equate to getting better research done, but simply more stuff done or more detail into experiments. As a quality-over-quantity type of guy, I have chosen to not get upset about other people surpassing me with their lab notebook-writing. Actually, the bulk of the data one would put in a lab notebook I record on MS Excel files and 3-ring binders, so its not like I’ve been unproductive. But, it does feel good to be starting book #2. I’m going through the first book right now, finishing the table of contents that I had left blank. It’s amazing the memories of all the hassles and successes I’ve had over the past 3 years. And to think in another year I will be working on my final dissertation! I’m in my 8th year of postsecondary education  – where did the time go???


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