Top 10 Money Savers

February 13, 2009

So Andrew and I have no idea who reads our blog. We recieved our first comment yesterday, but we know from our stats that this past week we have had over 20 viewings so I thought for all of you out there that read this I’d post Andrew and my money saving ideas. Perhaps you are rolling in the dough and don’t need any financial assistance, in that case…I’m happy for you, but if you are like the majority of our country right now you may appreciate some of these simple fixes to save money.

1. For a Date: MANY restaurants are throwing coupons at you these days, actually use them! Don’t sacrifice going where you want to, but whenever possible be sure to use your coupons.
2. For a Date: Check your local movie theater to see when movies are discounted. Where we live if you go between 4 and 6 it’ll only cost you $5.75. Bring your own candy…I know this is probably bad, but the gas station around the corner sells it for a fraction of the cost.
3. Groceries: Andrew and My grocery budget is $50 a week and we have never really had a problem sticking to that. We plan our meals for the week around common ingredients so we do not waste food or money this way. It also doesn’t hurt that my parents have us over for dinner once a week!
4. Hidden Fees: Check all your bills and make sure you are not paying for things you are not using. Verizon charges $15 a month for VCast and you probably don’t even use it! Andrew paid this for over a year before he realized he had never used it. All it took was a phone call and we are now saving $15 a month on our phone bill. I paid for privelege pass for 4 months before I found out that it was actually a fraud company that purchased my credit card information from Speigel. Being aware really does save tons of money!
5. Beware of Dates: Credit Card Companies are becoming desperate and are changing the due dates on your cards without notifying you. This has happened to us before and paying the $40 fee was not an option for me. So if this happens to you just call, if you have never had a late fee before THEY WILL TAKE IT OFF!
6. Use the library: Andrew and I are blessed to live 4 blocks from our incredible public library. I typically don’t purchase books because I have always had a great public library nearby. Andrew does not share my thought on the book thing! We mostly use the library for the movies. Why pay $3.50 when you can get it for free?
7. Don’t pay full price: I know some people would argue with me about this, but this is how Andrew and I survive. I can’t recall the last time I paid full price for something besides food. Don’t feel bad about buying sale stuff, retail would not do nearly as well without bargain hunters!
8. Cook at home: Andrew and I celebrated his endoscopy being over by going out to dinner. We spent about a weeks worth of grocery money on one meal. It was worth it, but if we ate out more than once a week I don’t know how we would do it. As a rule we eat out about once a week, sometimes less. Spend a little extra on groceries to make your meals more special and spare spending money on someone cooking it for you!
9. Don’t pay interest: Unfortunately you can’t ALWAYS avoid this, but for the most part you can. Besides one car and one student loan we don’t pay interest on anything else. Either don’t buy it or get a zero interest loan. I understand that sometimes you need something immediately and cannot afford it, although many “needs” are really “wants” so beware of this mindset!
10. Don’t Spend While you are Earning: This one is not too hard for me because I can’t leave my job for lunch or on a break, but there are many people around me that spend money while they are at work. Andrew and I pack a lunch so we are not tempted to order anything. I also try not to shop online. Sometimes this is hard because boredom sets in and I think I “need” something new, but while at work you are there to make money, not spend it!

I hope these tips help you stay on your financial track. If not you at least were able to see a glimpse into Andrew’s life of living with a crazy penny pincher!


One Response to “Top 10 Money Savers”

  1. Rachel said

    Haha I agree, you guys inspire me to remake my penny pincher list. We also share the exact same limit for our groceries per week, though we do go over if we buy anything extra it seems.

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