Commitments, not resolutions!

January 8, 2009

So Andrew and do a devotion for the 1st-5th graders at church every 4th Sunday of the month.  On December 28th we did a devotion about how we should make commitments, not resolutions.  In the Bible we see God making commitments to us so we want to go along with that model and commit to do different things this year.  I personally don’t mind the term resolution, but EVERY TIME I say it Andrew corrects me, so commitment it is!  This year Andrew and I want to commit to our health.  We both battle serveral different digestion issues so this year we are committing to getting to the bottom of this.  We have only been at this for 8 days and I personally can no longer eat anything with tomatoes, pesto, or parmesean cheese.  I am realizing more and more that I will most likely be giving up most of my favorite foods.  I know in the end it will be completely worth it.  I want so badly to get through a week without feeling sick at least one day.  I can honestly say in 23 years of life I have probably been sick AT LEAST one day a week every week!  Commitment #1 Get Healthy!

The second commitment is to be more Earth friendly.  I am not going to go all organic, or use biodegradable toilet paper, but I realize there are really simple things we can do to be nicer to God’s Earth.  The most tangible commitment we are making is to use our green bags when we go to the grocery store.  This is so simple and yet for the last 5 months we have only remembered a handlful of times.  We are off to a great start.  Last night we went to the grocery store and did not have to use a single plastic bag!  We are gradually transitioning to using more natural products such as natural laundry soap and dishwashing soap, but only because they are the same price as the regular chemical kind.  This year I hope to transition to the natural cleaning supplies…we’ll see about that.  commitment #2 Using the eco bags

This brings me to my last commitment…this is the most important one too!  This year I am commiting to letting things go more often.  After Andrew and I got married I just couldn’t let things go anymore.  Every little thing would get to me and I would just be sad all the time.  I realize that life is too unpredictable to be upset.  Andrew is too precious of a gift to be rude to when I’m having a bad day.  When we were dating he would accidentally say offensive things, I was able to just let them slide because I knew deep down in my heart that he would never intend to hurt me.  All of a sudden the day we got married that switch was turned off and I am constantly offended by the way he speaks to me.  Well this year I’m turning my tolerance switch back on so that I can fully love and adore my husband, he is incredible and I know he only wants to build me up!  Commitment #3 Be more easy going!

So there it is folks I am commiting to these three things in 2009.  We’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing, but don’t hesitate to ask us…accountability can be extrememly convicting!  Feel free to post your 2009 commitments and we’ll build you up!


One Response to “Commitments, not resolutions!”

  1. Rachel said

    Great commitments in my opinion! I share all of them, whole heartedly. This winter, working a cubicle job and only experiencing the outside for 10 minutes in the early morning and evening has kicked my body into slush mode, yuck. We should talk about the earth friendly stuff, I have recently been very interested in how to do everything I can to be nicer to God’s earth, too. It’s actually very liberating, both on my soul, my time, my body, and my wallet. You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean 90% of the stuff in your house, for example.
    I think culture trains females to “transform” after marriage like you described…it’s natural, and I myself find I get too worked up internally about stupid “dirt” and other things that I can just CHOOSE not to let it bug me. It’s complicated though, as always.

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