Over the last month or so Andrew and I have loaded our evenings with Christmassy things. We have watched almost every Christmas movie out there, checked out every decent Christmas CD from the library, baked Christmas goodies and even hosted our small group Christmas party this past week.
Even with all this Christmas cheer we have tried to infuse into our lives it still just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas to me. I’ve been reflecting on this for awhile, but it just hit me today why it doesn’t exactly “feel” like Christmas. For the last 22 years I have had 2 weeks to a month off for Christmas. This year I don’t have any time off until after Christmas and it just seems odd to me. Clearly I am seeing one of the HUGE reasons I went to school to become a teacher!
It just doesn’t seem the same to me and I’m sure it’s different for Andrew too. Typically he would be boarding a plane to go home tomorrow instead he is here working… by now I would have baked, decorated, shopped, and wrapped with my mom, instead I’m working… BELIEVE me when I say I wouldn’t change what I have for what I had, but it is an adjustment! Andrew and I are attempting to create new traditions while honoring the old. We are excited about 2 Christmases this year, but wish we all lived in a 5 mile radius so we could celebrate 1 all together! We are so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple this year and are anxiously awaiting some much needed family time!!