Happy Thanksgiving! Laura and I spent last night getting our apartment ready for Christmas. She has to work all weekend, so I thought it was fair to decorate a little early. Our apartment already has the fall/Thanksgiving color scheme working for it, so changing gears to Christmas was a little odd, but it looks great. Here are the pictures I just took:




We even have a creche on the mantle! All in all, it’s looking good. We are heading over to Laura’s parents to spend the day with Laura’s grandparents, aunt, and parents. I’m looking forward to the food. But not too much food; I’ve even been strategizing about how I can portion control Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a challenge no doubt. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving!


Sugar is bad!

November 17, 2008

Andrew and my new diet plan as of today is NO SUGAR.  Well no refined white sugar I guess I should say.  Fruits are good for you so we are not giving that up, but we are steering clear of cakes, cookies, brownies, chocolate, candies…basically everything we enjoy.  I love to bake so this is going to be a major sadness for me.  I technically could just bake for other people, but if I can’t taste it how would I know if is was edible before I give it away, right?  I definitely thought this would be a major struggle for me until last night.  I woke up extrememly sick to my stomach at around 1:30 in the morning.  It occured to me that throughout the day I had not had more than a sip of water to drink. Instead I had sodas, ice tea, milk, etc, but no water. On top of that I had eaten cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Jimmy John’s and Chinese for lunch, meatballs for dinner with a sugar cookie to top it off and I sprinkled in Mike n Ikes throughout the night.  To top it all off I had some waffle fries before going to bed! My body HATED me and it was letting me know that my consumption choices were less than desirable.  So waking up this morning I was actually excited to treat my body to water and healthy food!  Check back in a few days to see how well we are doing with this, hopefully we will not have killed each other by then from lack of food enjoyment!

Strike a Pose….

November 7, 2008

Last night I was in charge of our portion of the Bella fashion show at the IHotel (where we had our wedding.)  I was supposed to have maternity and kid models and pick out their outfits, organize them, etc.  I was so stressed out all week about it.  Our internet had been up and down all week at work so I never recieved any of the model confirmation e-mails so I was just hoping some of them would show up!  Needless to say it was a stressful day, but it is over with! I left the event at 6:00 last night and actually got to spend time with Andrew!!!!  We watched a dreadful movie…Andrew’s choice of course, but had a wonderful time hanging out for the first time this entire week!  We are looking forward to a laid back weekend.  We have a wedding tomorrow night so hopefully we’ll get to use some of our dance skills!  Hopefully Andrew will post soon…I feel like this blog is very one sided!


November 5, 2008

I must confess…my diet coke addiction has come back.  I was being SO good.  I had weaned myself off, the headaches had stopped, and I wasn’t really that tempted anymore.  Then the wedding flowers came!  I drink diet coke much like a coffee drinker drinks coffee.  I try to reason with Andrew that a diet coke for breakfast is no different than a coffee for breakfast.  So since the day before the wedding until now I’ve been drinking my diet cokes in the morning.  The flowers turned out beautifully.  We will post pictures soon on my freelance floral blogspot which you can access from the bottom of this page. 

Andrew and I are pretty much exhausted all the time.  I think the heat in our room definitely contributes to a terrible night of sleep.  This morning I had to get up early to go get my new sticker for my plate at the DMV.  I could not drag myself out of bed.  Andrew finally asked me if I need him to PUSH me out of bed… now that’s pretty awful.  Andrew has discovered a new way to wake me that infuriates me…laying his hand on my face repeatedly.  I would say slapping my face, but it is definitely not that hard.  He did this to me last night about an hour after I had fallen asleep because he came to bed after me and we always pray before bed.  I was so mad that I actually woke up really mad at him!

As for the rest of the day it’s going pretty well.  I got three errands run before work this morning so I came in feeling accomplished!  That’s a great way to start the day.  Tonight I’m going to go to a friends house to make all our Christmas cards so I am not pressured closer to Christmas.  It should be a good time, Andrew is finally going to do something with our friend Chris…their schedule’s never match so I am excited that it all worked out for tonight!

8 weeks until my week of vacation and our trip out East…I can’t wait!