I have to admit it’s getting better

October 29, 2008

I think this beatles song really sums up the way I have felt the last few weeks, “I have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time.  It can’t get any worse!”  I’m sure it could have gotten worse, but when you are in the midst of frustration it appears that you are at rock bottom.  So the water issue was fixed when we got home.  The heat was on as well, that was something nice and cozy to come home to!  It is so warm in fact that we get to leave our windows open!  Mom always told me not to “heat the outdoors,” but when you have no control over how hot it is and you don’t pay for heat I have the luxury of keeping nature warmer.  I was SUPER HAPPY last night when I found my USB cord for my camera AND we found my glasses!  What a wonderful evening.  I am getting off work at 3:30 today and hopefully will be able to have the house in order and dinner on the table when Andrew gets home!


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