Waking Up!

October 22, 2008

Andrew and I finally commited to getting up earlier.  We both enjoy snoozing our alarm for at least a half an hour each morning, but after a convicting small group night we are finally waking up a little earlier.  After 10 weeks of marriage we had gotten into a rut already!  We would wake up later than we should have, quickly eat breakfast, throw a frozen meal in our bags for lunch and maybe sneak a kiss before leaving.  The gym was out of the question for me, I couldn’t even blow dry my hair, I definitely wasn’t going to make it to the gym.  So we began Tuesday morning up at 7:30 to the gym by 8:00 and to work 15 minutes early!  What a difference that made in my day!  Today we chose not to go to the gym, but we did get up at 8:00 spent some time with God, and sat down and ate breakfast together…unfortunately Andrew drank spoiled milk and went off to work feeling not so great!  Things are looking up for tonight though, we are going ice skating, one of my FAVORITE activities, with Andrew’s lab mates.  I was thinking this morning that our apartment and the ice rink are probably about the same temperature.  The heat won’t be turned on until Halloween so we are in for a cold week or so!


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