I think this beatles song really sums up the way I have felt the last few weeks, “I have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time.  It can’t get any worse!”  I’m sure it could have gotten worse, but when you are in the midst of frustration it appears that you are at rock bottom.  So the water issue was fixed when we got home.  The heat was on as well, that was something nice and cozy to come home to!  It is so warm in fact that we get to leave our windows open!  Mom always told me not to “heat the outdoors,” but when you have no control over how hot it is and you don’t pay for heat I have the luxury of keeping nature warmer.  I was SUPER HAPPY last night when I found my USB cord for my camera AND we found my glasses!  What a wonderful evening.  I am getting off work at 3:30 today and hopefully will be able to have the house in order and dinner on the table when Andrew gets home!



October 28, 2008

So my frustration with our apartment went to new hieghts last night and then again this morning.  I misplaced my eye glasses last week.  I took them off to put my contacts in, put them in the medicine cabinet and never saw them again.  I’ve tried to convince myself that they fell out of the cabinet into the trash and they are now gone forever.  I know this sounds absurd, but this is the only way I can try to talk myself into sleeping instead of thinking about it continually.  I also have misplaced my camera cord so I can’t post pictures which is extremely frustrating.   Well if that doesn’t frustrate me enough, I get a call from our landlord that there is water pouring from our apartment into hers and then into the apartment below.  I quickly called Andrew and he rushed home to find our bedroom covered in water.  Aparently when they did the remodel they didn’t properly reinstall the radiators so we had water in 3 of our 4 radiator rooms.  I come home to the sound of fans and dehumidifiers.  “Okay I can live with this today” I thought to myself.  They came this morning and took all the fans out of the apartment.  They were gone for three minutes when water started pouring out of our bedroom radiator like a faucet!  I used every bowl I could find to catch the water, called the landlord and luckily got the radiator shut off- our floor completely covered in water and me late to work!  So I think I’ll be coming home to the lovely sound of fans again today.  I have asked myself all morning…God, what are you trying to teach me through this?

Apartment v.1

October 25, 2008

Here are some long-awaited pictures of our apartment!

Soon I will take pictures of the “finished” apartment…these were mostly taken before we moved in and unpacked.

“Just Give it Time”

October 24, 2008

So we are struggling…work wise.  We both are severely disattisfied in our jobs.  I’m (Laura) lonely all day. I may interact with 5 people in an 8 1/2 hour day…that gets boring.  I continuely try to figure out ways I can work at my job less and still make the same amount of money.  We’ve been asking God what in the world do you want us to do so we feel more fulfilled. Well today I heard is response… it was through a song that I listen to everyday at work, but today my ears were miraculously opened.  The song is by John McLaughlin.  It goes, “Just give it time, it’s gonna get better.  Now is not forever at all.  Just give it time, everything changes, tomorrow comes today will be gone.  Everythings gonna be alright…just give it time.  We can do that, we are definitely in a refining period of life and God is going to teach us many lessons, right now we’re just supposed to wait and listen!

Waking Up!

October 22, 2008

Andrew and I finally commited to getting up earlier.  We both enjoy snoozing our alarm for at least a half an hour each morning, but after a convicting small group night we are finally waking up a little earlier.  After 10 weeks of marriage we had gotten into a rut already!  We would wake up later than we should have, quickly eat breakfast, throw a frozen meal in our bags for lunch and maybe sneak a kiss before leaving.  The gym was out of the question for me, I couldn’t even blow dry my hair, I definitely wasn’t going to make it to the gym.  So we began Tuesday morning up at 7:30 to the gym by 8:00 and to work 15 minutes early!  What a difference that made in my day!  Today we chose not to go to the gym, but we did get up at 8:00 spent some time with God, and sat down and ate breakfast together…unfortunately Andrew drank spoiled milk and went off to work feeling not so great!  Things are looking up for tonight though, we are going ice skating, one of my FAVORITE activities, with Andrew’s lab mates.  I was thinking this morning that our apartment and the ice rink are probably about the same temperature.  The heat won’t be turned on until Halloween so we are in for a cold week or so!

This past weekend, my parents (the Campbells) flew out to Champaign for the Illinois-Indiana football game. It was a great night for football. The weather was perfect. We had a great time tailgating with friends, and my parents’ first tailgating experience at that. Two paratroopers landed in the middle of the stadium after the band played the opening field show. And to top that off, Illinois destroyed Indiana!

On Sunday Laura had to go to Chicago for work, so my parents and I went to church. Then, we spent the day with Laura’s parents: lunch, a trip to the apple orchard, and a walk through Allerton Park in Monticello with Lennox, the Russell’s boxer. I will post pictures once I download them to the computer. All in all, a fun weekend!

Laura and I drove my parents back to the airport today, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon in downtown Indy shopping for some Christmas gifts and doing what we do best: drool over things we don’t need and most certainly can’t afford! 

Laura’s going to start adding to the blog so that we can keep this even more updated. So I’ll leave it there for now!

Happy Birthday Laura!!

October 3, 2008

Today my wife turns 23! She wasn’t feeling that great when she woke up, but we went to Panera which cheered her up! Later on, I picked her up and we went to Doppio Cafe at the Vineyard Church for lunch. Tonight, most of our friends will be out of town, so we are looking forward to a low-key night (probably dinner at home, then out to see a movie!). Then we’ll get back to the Russell’s to make sure Lennox is behaving himself.