September 16, 2008

Here are some pictures from our honeymoon to Martha’s Vineyard!

Above, you can see Edgartown. Below, you can see Chappaquiddick Island across the water.

We stayed at this awesome house that family friends own and let us stay in for free!


What I’m thinking about

September 16, 2008

Hey. It’s Andrew. I’m sitting at my desk at lab avoiding cleaning up the failed experiment I did today on the AFM. My boss gave me an idea to try but it didn’t work out for several reasons (some I understand, some not so much). So I figured I would sign up for a blog and get started on it. 

Right now in my life I am trying to get my married life (apartment, banking, etc.) settled so Laura and I can start really “living normal.” I realize that is a crazy statement to make; what is normal? But we’re aiming for something that feels close to that. I’m reading an awesome book by Dallas Willard entitled “The Divine Conspiracy.” It’s a deep theological treatise about the Kingdom of God and what Jesus was really about (did you ever wonder whether Jesus came to earth to make sure we were all behaving ourselves, or if there was something to all those healings and demon-casting-outings etc.?).

I will post some pictures of our apartment soon. Laura did an amazing job of decorating. The only thing we really have left is to get rid of our old bed!